Looking For an All-Day Drinking Affair? Try Captain Lawrence

Perfect for hours and hours of games and beer (though we don’t recommend drinking the whole time.)

When we first started our barhopping adventure, neither of us thought we’d find a place worthy to spend a few hours—let alone an entire day. And, to be honest, driving up to Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, situated in a huge industrial warehouse-like building in Elmsford, we didn’t think it would have anything special to knock our socks off. We were wrong. Very wrong. To get to the front entrance of the Tasting Room, we walked through a backyard barbecue-like atmosphere—people playing corn hole and bocce with a drink in hand on a rather rough-looking patch of grass while nearby Village Dog fired up hot dogs. After a few minutes outside, we went inside to get a closer look at the Captain. The Tasting Room is a large, open space with a few tables around which to congregate and a large bar in the back with two 12-tap towers. The best part about Captain Lawrence is, obviously, the plethora of delicious beers to be had; take a peek through the glass doors to see the very tanks in which your brew was born. Go (responsibly) crazy and sample all the beers (samples are 5 for $5), or go steady, opting for a full 12 ounces ($4 to $12, depending on the brew). The room tends to fill up with people from all walks of life—the just-got-out-of-work suits, frat bros, hipsters—you name it, they’re there having a good time. And with all that liquid courage pumping through you, you’re bound to find someone to talk to. Just take it from us—we planned on staying for a half-hour, tops, but, before we knew it, they were closing up shop.  

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