Soxfords’ Fish Socks and Where They Came From

Ryan Kent of Pound Ridge and why he endeavored to enter the fun-sock business.

Soxfords founder Ryan Kent shows off a couple of his playful toe-toppers. 

When Ryan Kent of Pound Ridge was trying to find a pair of fish-themed dress socks for his father a few years back, he could only find some silly novelty ones that he knew his dad would never be caught wearing to the office. Smart fellow that he is—he has an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business—Kent realized that if he wanted socks that were fun but still sophisticated, he’d have to make them himself. And so, Soxfords, a new brand of subtly whimsical dress socks for men, was born. 

Outstanding without standing out,” the collection features colorful, smartly themed designs such as hula girls, lobsters, Space Invaders—licensed from the old video game—and astronauts. “Each pair tells a story and is unique without being overly loud or obnoxiously silly,” says Kent. “We have fun by focusing on subtle details like a hungry lobster embroidered on your calf or a sneaky submarine just surfacing from your shoe.” Cut to a dressier fit more acceptable for business wear, says Kent, “It’s a way to show off your personality.” 

Full-calf with hand-linked toes and made from cotton and nylon, they retail from $20 and can be purchased at



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