Westchester County in the Gilded Age

If you think Westchester is a paragon of wealth now, you should’ve seen it when John D. Rockefeller and Jay Gould had run of the place. Here, a look at Westchester in the late 1800s.


City boys at Lyndhurst, May 26, 1905.

Photo Courtesy of Lyndhurst Collection, Westchester County Historical Society

At the Crossroads of Change: Westchester in the Gilded Age
Before there was a Kennedy and a Fortune 500 CEO in every Westchester PTA meeting, an elite few made up the Westchester royalty of the late 1800s. This is how they lived.

Emily Trevor Diary Entry: Christmas Week, 1895
An entry from the diary of Emily Trevor, daughter of financier and philanthropist John Bond Trevor

Westchester’s Gilded Age Who’s Who
A rundown on some of Westchester’s other notable players during the Gilded Age: who they are, what they did, and their impact on the County, then—and now.

Lyndhurst Estate: Analysis of an Average Week’s Mail Circa 1915
Return to Sender: Sorting through a week’s worth of mail at Lyndhurst.




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