Own Hit Shows like Justified, Misfits and Enlightened

It’s too cold to go outside—barricade yourself inside and catch up on entire seasons of TV shows.


Enlightened: The Complete First Season
Release Date: January 8, HBO Studios
When Enlightened debuted last fall, the Los Angeles Times called the show “the most interesting and ambitious series of the fall season.” The series follows Amy Jellicoe (Laura Dern) through her transformation from insufferable corporate go-getter to insufferable enlightened hippie working to counteract the evils of her old corporation. While the show is clearly one of those cable series, like Weeds or The Big C, meant to be a showcase for a single actress, keep your eyes open for scene-stealing from Amy’s co-workers, many of whom are Upright Citizens Brigade or other comedy regulars.
Misfits: Series Two
Release Date: January 29, BBC Warner
The best thing about binging on TV on DVD is that you’re not limited to what American networks will show—a whole world of British imports is available to you. If you’ve already plowed through Sherlock, move on to Misfits, a BAFTA-winning series about a group of British young offenders who get superpowers while doing their court-mandated community service. When the show first became available on Hulu, it rocketed to the top of the “most watched” list each week.
Justified: The Complete Third Season
Release Date: December 31, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Just when you think things couldn’t get worse for Harlan County, Kentucky, a smooth-talking outsider comes to town looking to horn in on the drug trade. Luckily, there’s Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens (the delightfully seething Timothy Olyphant)—a creation of Elmore Leonard—to try and stop him. It’s been said that Leonard was so pleased with the TV show that he revived the character for another novel, Raylan, which was released last year.




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