Comparing Westchester County to the Nation: Jobs, Health, Homes and More

How do Westchester residents’ daily lives stack up against those of people in the rest of the country? We found out.


You can live anywhere, but you chose to live here. It’s possible to spend years wondering if that was a smart decision. Would you be better off financially if you moved somewhere with lower taxes? Would you feel safer in an out-of-the-way house farther into the countryside? Would you be healthier if you moved to a big city and started walking as a form of transportation? And, you may think as you shovel the snow from your driveway, would you be happier if you chose someplace warmer?

Rest assured: You made the right choice. We know Westchester County is the best place to live—but we’re admittedly biased. So we consulted no-horse-in-the-race experts, crunched unfeeling numbers, and generally sought out empirical data to see how living here really stacks up to living in the rest of the county. Here, our (mostly) objective findings. Feel free to mail this article to your cousins in California. 



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