The Lazy Lounge

Win Dinner for Two at The Lazy Lounge in White Plains, NY with Craft Beer Samplings

Win Dinner for Two at The Lazy Lounge with Craft Beer Samplings

Home to the Best Beer selection in the county, and the longest-running Jam Session in the area, The Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House, and The Lazy Lounge are on the map of places not to be missed for a good time in Westchester.
Established in 1994, The Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House has been the cornerstone for downtown White Plains nightlife from its inception, offering over 500 varieties of craft-Brewed Beers, and casual dining with a Southwest flare.
The Lazy Boy has been rated as one of the top 150 beer bars in the country, and features new and unique beers along with our award winning food, such as Gourmet Salads, un-paralleled Prime Burgers, Specialty Sandwiches, Grilled entrees, Thin Crust Grilled Pizzas, and award-winning Chicken Wings.

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Dinner for Two at The Lazy Lounge with Craft Beer Samplings


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