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Where to go when you need a pro

Abigail Kirsch
(914) 631-3030
BMW, Coca Cola, Tiffany, the New York Times, the Museum of Modern Art, and even the Culinary Institute of America have used Abigail Kirsch’s catering services—for good reason. First and foremost, she and her staff know how to cook: ever tried her “deconstructed” duck pastrami, truffled orzo salad, and porcini-dusted salmon? Then, her staff is expert at executing events, on-site at the historic Tappan Hill or off-premises, from intimate dinners to grand-scale galas. We know our hearts flutter every time we’re handed an invitation to an Abigail
Kirsch event.

Hastings Video owner Joyce Patone has a recommendation for you. 

Photo by John Fortunato


Hastings Video
Hastings-on-Hudson (914) 478-0203
There are many threats to the local video store: On Demand, Netflix Streaming, Xbox Live, etc. But do Netflix and XBox smile at you and tell you they just got a movie in that they know you’ll love? The staff at the independent Hastings Video has been able to survive—even expand—in the digital age by maintaining a well-edited collection of top-notch films that aren't the first to be splashed across your browser as a must-have addition to your queue. The staffers also know films and, yes, can recommend titles that are right for you.


Kelloggs & Lawrence
(914) 232-3351
You don’t last more than 120 years in the hardware business without having good customer service. Sure, the charming Victorian building and old-timey touches (check out the barrel of peanuts by the door) help draw customers in, but you’ve really got to know your stuff to keep them coming back. And the folks at Kelloggs & Lawrence do. Whether you need the tiniest screws or are looking to buy a top-of-the-line Weber grill, all you really need is to wave over a staff member. You'll leave with the right screws, tools, and hardware.

Occhicone Fine Leather Goods
Port Chester
(914) 937-6327
There’s a reason well-heeled Manhattanites trek to Port Chester to get their leather goods repaired at Occhicone. The store has been in business for more than 60 years, and owner Giuseppe Occhicone—who made his first custom pair of shoes at age 14—and his staff know how to repair the finest leather goods: shoes, handbags, luggage, and even clothing and furniture. County clotheshorses and city pilgrims aren’t the only ones who swear by Occhicone and his staff's skills, either—local high-end department stores have called upon Occhicone to rescue their upscale wares.

Pet Rescue
(914) 834-6955
We have to acknowledge the more than 100 volunteers who give warm foster homes to pets in need. And not just the cute, young, healthy pets, either. Pet Rescue volunteers spend their own money to care for sick animals. It’s hard to find people who will make such a commitment to the most vulnerable cats and dogs out there—and we’re glad we have those rare and wonderful folks right here.

(914) 723-1308
Fact: Luke Vaccaro once
fixed Mother Teresa’s sandals. If he’s good enough for her footwear, he should be good enough for your shoe repairs, too. Won’t take Mother Teresa’s word for it? Then you can rely on years of experience—the shop has been around since 1929, and its staffers are true craftsmen who have honed their trade for decades. The shop also prides itself on using the highest quality materials in its repairs.

Yorktown Woodworking, Inc.
Yorktown Heights
(914) 962-2130
There are times when store-bought furniture just won’t do. For custom work—country-club-worthy cabinets, intricate entertainment centers, built-in bookcases that would make any bibliophile swoon, and more—it's best to head to the experts at Yorktown Woodworking. The craftsmen at the shop have more than 60 years of experience in cabinetmaking—and it shows.




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