Westchester–A Pictorial History

The New Year traditionally brings with it anticipation and excitement for the future. We’re all wondering, as you no doubt are, what’s in store for 2010. But this time of year also makes us reflect on our past, so we thought it would be appropriate to take a few moments (er, pages) to look back. Whether you’re a third-generation Westchesterite or a recent transplant, knowing Westchester’s history can help place what’s to come in proper context—plus, it’s fun.


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Chappaqua looked quite pastoral in 1910.

Back in 1928, ladies wore hats, gloves, skirts, heels, and pearls to play a round of mini-golf at Playland.

No, they’re not off to stop a riot—the New Rochelle Police are riding in a parade on Lawton Street.

The Westchester County Center under construction. When it was completed in 1930, an opening gala featured famous singers, among them more than 1,500 local singers. The 50,000-square-foot structure cost $785,000 to build.

Students of Somers District Three attended a one-room schoolhouse in 1920, back when they didn’t have to worry about SATs and APs.

When the Bedford Farmers’ Club gathered to take this celebratory photo in 1927, it was already the club’s 75th anniversary. (It was started by William Jay, son of first Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay.) Amazingly, the club still exists today.


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