Westchester–A Pictorial History

The New Year traditionally brings with it anticipation and excitement for the future. We’re all wondering, as you no doubt are, what’s in store for 2010. But this time of year also makes us reflect on our past, so we thought it would be appropriate to take a few moments (er, pages) to look back. Whether you’re a third-generation Westchesterite or a recent transplant, knowing Westchester’s history can help place what’s to come in proper context—plus, it’s fun.


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Ossining’s Main Street. Glad to see the snow removal along the avenue was as swift in 1874 as it is today.


An 1871 painting in the Port Chester Library, depicting life along (pre-traffic jam) Westchester Avenue in the city of Port Chester.

An 1889 illustration of the Knickerbocker Building in New Rochelle, built by publishing company G.P. Putnam’s Sons. It was converted into residential lofts in 2007.

The staff at the Chappaqua Mountain Institute in 1870, an alternative co-ed boarding school founded by the Purchase Quakers. It closed in 1910.

Port Chester’s railroad station in 1880.

Taking a break at John E. Seacord’s Blacksmith Shop, on Lawton Street in New Rochelle, in the late 1890s.



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