Talk of the County

Dumb, distracted drivers; a techie’s must-have gadgets; and more.


Top 5: Paul Eng

The top gadget guru at Consumer Reports recommends the hottest electronics must-haves for 2010.
By: Robert Schork                                                                                                

Distracted Drivers!

Texting may be the least of our worries.
By: Nancy L. Claus                                                                                               

The 411 on 914: Count Thy Neighbors

By: Dan Robbins                                                                                                   

Tuning In

A look at the county’s cable and satellite providers
By: Jonathan Quartuccio                                                                                      

Ask The Expert

What is the best way to clean an LCD monitor screen?
By Nicole Inserra                                                                                                 

Home Econ

What $630,000 will get you
By: Diandra Garcia                                                                                               


Parents’ guide to teen lingo                                                                               

This Month's Winners and Losers                                                       





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