A Q&A With County Bartenders

Ever wonder what bartenders most like to drink? Or why you can’t get their attention while others can? We did. So we asked.



QUESTIONS Eileen Hogan, 40
J.C. Fogarty’s Town Tavern, Bronxville
(914) 337-1122
Scott Price, 32
The Cellar Bar Larchmont
(914) 834-8723
Adrienne Gilmore, 24
Town Dock Tavern, Rye
(914) 967-2497
John O’Reilly, 26
Peekskill Brewery, Peekskill
(914) 734-2337
Eren Lee, 27
Sports Page Pub,
White Plains
(914) 437-8721
What is your favorite alcohol and drink? “I like rums, and my favorite is Captain Morgan. But I’m more of a wine drinker. I’d go with a red Spanish or California wine.” “Jameson Irish Whiskey. My favorite brand would be Macallan 18 Single Malt Scotch, I’m from Scotland so it’s kind of ingrained in my bloodline.” “I’m kind of plain—I like Bass on draft. Beer is my favorite type of alcohol, especially Sam Adams.” “A straight shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey.” “My favorite drink is raspberry Stoli mixed with Twisted Tea, but my favorite type of alcohol and brand would be Jameson Irish Whiskey.”
What’s the biggest tip you ever received? “Five-hundred dollars from a man to whom I served one beer. He was a very nice older man, who was just looking for someone to talk to. He discreetly left five-hundred dollars under his coaster.” “Eighty-nine dollars on a one-hundred-sixty dollar tab.” “One-hundred dollars.” “One-hundred dollars. It was just a really friendly customer for whom I went a little bit beyond and he was really grateful.” “One-hundred-twenty dollars from a guy who came in when we were closing and bought himself and me two shots of Johnnie Walker Blue.”
Who was your worst customer? “Any customer who snaps or whistles is usually the one to get served last.” “We really don’t have bad customers. Anyone who has given us trouble in the past has been removed.” “I just had someone leave me a thirty-five-cent tip. But the worst customers are the people that you have to cut off. They get the most upset and sometimes throw things at me.” “Bad customers try to get your attention by screaming at you and slamming down their bottle, which never works.” “Well, I’ve had bottles thrown at me and I’ve even had customers steal my tips and use the money to buy more drinks.”
What’s the craziest drink you’ve ever made? “Our cappuccino martini, which is fresh espresso and Baileys with some secret ingredients.” “Blue Hawaiian, which is blue liqueur, Malibu Rum, and Blue Curaçao.” “Well, it’s a pretty local place, so we don’t make anything too crazy, but I’d say a Surfer on Acid, which has coconut, rum, pineapple, and Jager.” “A Flaming B-52 shot, which has Baileys, Grand Marnier, and Bacardi 151, which makes it ‘flaming.’” “The strangest drink combination would be Crown Royal Whiskey and Patrón Tequila mixed together.”
Do you think that you have to drink in order to be a bartender? “Absolutely not.” “You don’t necessarily have to drink, but it makes it easier.” “I’m a sober bartender, but once in a while, when it’s late and someone buys me a shot, I’ll take it.” “Yes, people come in to have a beer or a shot with me, so it always helps to be a drinker. If you’re a sober bartender, it’s just not the same.” “My motto is, ‘Never trust a sober bartender.’”
What’s the best way to get a bartender’s attention? “Just leave your empty glass at the top of the bar or smile.” “Just smile.” “Don’t shout your order at us. Just try to make eye contact or say, ‘Excuse me.” “Just try and make eye contact and avoid yelling or flailing your arms. I’ll usually walk right past you if you’re obnoxious.” “You’ll get our attention if you leave a good tip on the first drink.”





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