Winners & Losers


The county TV, Internet, and phone-service provider has introduced WiFi wireless Internet access in commercial and high-traffic areas throughout Westchester, including Metro-North stations.

 Supermarket patrons participating in the county’s new recycling program, which mandates that grocery stores accept used plastic bags (even competitors’ bags) from its customers.

 Whole Foods Market
The upscale supermarket in White Plains has improved upon the county’s plastic bag recycling program (above) with a philanthropic twist: customers may choose to donate the 10-cent rebate they receive when they bring their own reusable shopping bags to a designated charity.

 Kerry and Desmond Lyons
The Irvington couple recently welcomed a set of identical triplets into the world—an estimated 1-in-100-million occurrence.

 Hartsdale Pet Cemetery
The final resting place for thousands of Westchester’s beloved animals was named one of the top 10 cemeteries in Lonely Planet’s Best of Travel 2009 guide.

 Timothy F. Geithner
The Mamaroneck resident was chosen to be the next Treasury Secretary.


Apparently, the bank higher-ups think it’s a good idea to close and refill its ATMs on Route 119 in Elmsford at the height of the evening rush hour.

 Jose Silva
The White Plains resident told police that “he did what he was told” by his GPS unit when his vehicle became stuck on the Metro-North railroad tracks, stranding train passengers for more than an hour and a half.

 The “Bra Bandits”
They’ve stolen bras from Victoria’s Secret shops in the Westchester, the Galleria, and the Nanuet Mall. They certainly put the “lift” in “shoplift.”



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