Influential My Foot!

With reference to your December issue and particularly “Westchester’s Most Influential Residents”:
Marsha Gordon? Stephen Apkon? John R Nolon? Ben Gordon? Denise Proctor? Janet Langsam? Phil Reisman? David Swope? Lindsay Farrell? Louis Cappelli? Donald Trump? Lisa Schwartz?

When our Westchester neighbors include the likes of President and Senator Clinton, Robert F Kennedy, Jr, George Soros, David Boise, and a host of seriously influential
people, how can you be so boorishly flippant about the word “influential?”

Stanley and Elisabeth Starr


Thank you for the article on back pain in the November 2008 issue of Westchester Magazine. I have been suffering with back pain for the last decade. It has been severe for the past few months.

I showed the article to my husband, and I believe he has a better understanding of what I am feeling thanks to you.

Cee Jay via e-mail

Double Kudos

I was so pleased with your mini-profile of Melissa Tomlin on your contributors page. She is my personal shopper and not only has a wonderful eye but is a warm and lovely person. I also want to commend you on your article about the resurgence of Beacon, New York. My cousin, Steve Gold, is the Mayor and we are so proud of his accomplishments. Keep up the good work!

Susan Miles

Examining Top Docs

Please seriously consider not printing the annual issue on the Top Doctors in Westchester any longer. Obviously, many of these doctors are top-notch and credible, but clearly at least one is not. I suffered heinous maltreatment under the care of one of these doctors on your list and contracted a lawyer because of it.
I could never again give any credence to this type of article. I did not renew my subscription to your magazine.

Name Withheld

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