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What to add to your NetFlix queue this month

Burn After Reading
DVD Release Date: December 23, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Fresh off of their multiple Oscars for the ultra-bleak No Country For Old Men, the Coen Brothers returned last fall with this much sillier thriller about a couple of gym employees trying to outwit the CIA. The DVD includes “Welcome Back George,” a feature about George Clooney as he goes for his third outing with the Coen Brothers—and more Clooney is always a good thing.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s
DVD Release Date: January 13, Paramount Home Entertainment
Like Tiffany’s jewelry itself, it seems that releasing Breakfast at Tiffany’s DVDs will never go out of style. But for you completists out there, Paramount’s “Centennial Collection” edition has a few features not available on the previous (2006) release, including a look at Henry Mancini’s contribution to the film and an Asian perspective on Mickey Rooney’s regrettable Mr. Yunioshi. And, like a little black dress, the box will look sleek on your media shelf.

Pineapple Express
DVD Release Date: January 6, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
By now, you may think you know everything there is to know about Seth Rogen’s slacker films. But in the hands of art-house director David Gordon Green, Pineapple Express evolves past your typical stoner comedy and into a surprisingly funny action movie. Spring for the unrated two-disc DVD set, and you’ll find other talent besides Rogen and Green popping up on camera, including funny guys Jonah Hill and Joe Lo Truglio, in addition to a feature ominously titled “Injury Report.”

Repo! The Genetic Opera
DVD Release Date: January 20, Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Unlike any opera you’ve ever seen, Repo! tells the tale of a dystopic future where an epidemic of organ failures allows a shadowy company to rise to power after it invents synthetic replacements—but if you don’t keep up with your payments, the Repo Man will come to take back the company’s property (hearts, intestines, eyes, etc.) The goth-rock music, relentless gore, and parade of grotesque characters—including one played by Paris Hilton, the scariest of them all—makes this title destined for cult midnight-movie status.



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