Not So Secret Admirer


I’m a huge admirer of Westchester Magazine. However, your comely December issue pushed me over the edge. It’s attractive and brilliantly edited. In fact, after deciding I don’t need one more damn book on my reading pile, I find myself spending more and more time with the product of your labors.

William O’Shaughnessy

President & Editorial Director

Whitney Radio WVOX and WVIP

New Rochelle


Salary Survey 


Laurie Yarnell’s look at “Who Makes What in Westchester?” was a real eye-opener for me and my 12-year-old daughter. How ironic that the person who reports the news (TV anchor Meredith Vieira) brings home $10 million while the person who actually makes the news (U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton) makes “only” $158,100. Discussing the article with my pre-teen became a real teachable moment for us! Thanks for a great article.    

Ilene Rubin



What does a fireman from Cold Springs, a retail owner from Yonkers, and an event planner from Somers all have in common? They read and responded to your salary article featuring me looking for a web designer! It’s great to see so many diverse people responding to your magazine. Keep up the good work!

Andrea Wagner

Wagner Web Designs,Inc.

Yorktown Heights


Real New Yorkers


Regarding the December ’07 article written by Susan Goldberg, “If You Can Fake It There, You’ll Fake It Anywhere”: apparently Goldberg has never been a real New Yorker because if she had been, she’d know that real New Yorkers are pleasant and helpful. They actually follow the rules when crossing the streets but take advantage of opportunities to cross when they can. Real New Yorkers have their own personal style that may not include all black. Restaurants are almost sickeningly accommodating to those with young children. New Yorkers do their best to keep the flow of sidewalk traffic moving well and it shows how inconsiderate others are when they stop and hover where people are trying to get where they’re going. I understand Goldberg’s article is meant to be humorous, but I find it insulting not only to true New Yorkers but to Westchester dwellers who are as stylish and “with it” as any New Yorker.  

Annette Zito

Not Likely Correct


On page 48 of December’s issue, it says, “Crompond is an amalgamation of the words ‘cromp,’ an Old English word for ‘crooked,’ and ‘pond.’ Cromp Pond is in Peekskill.” I don’t think so. It’s more likely the conjunction of the actual name of Crom Pond, which is in Yorktown Heights. Crom Pond is connected by a very narrow, very shallow stream to Mohansic Lake, both being located in FDR State Park.

Peter C. Schechter

Cortlandt Manor


Editor’s Response: The actual origins of names in Westchester County are at many times lost to the annals of time. Our information came from Richard M. Lederer’s The Place Names of Westchester County, New York.


Q & A


I was pleased to read about my company, in your magazine and we regret that your writer did not receive an answer to what camera to buy. This may have happened because Zoomnia advises specialists to only respond to questions to which they have expertise. The type of specialist your writer selected, professional photographers, know quite a bit about the art of taking pictures, but not necessarily the best camera for amateurs.

Steven Wolk, CEO

Zoomnia, Chappaqua


No Horsing Around


I love your magazine. I read it cover-to-cover every month. That’s why I was appalled to see you promoting a pony skin bag in the “Perfect Presents” section of your December issue. My husband and I are the proud companions of four wonderful horses. You need to educate yourself about the horrors of horse slaughter; I guarantee that you will never again promote slaughtered horse products in your magazine.

Cynthia Jerome

Pound Ridge




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