Local stunners come clean about their beauty shortcuts.





Timesaving tips from local experts




Quick Steam Set  

“Set dry hair with Velcro rollers, cover with a shower cap, and step into your morning shower. By the time you’ve finished showering, the steam will have smoothed out your hair, adding volume and depth.”

            Susanna Romano

            Hair Stylist/Owner

            Salon A.K.S. in

            New York City and Mamaroneck


Root Touch-Ups

“I hate to admit it because it cuts into my business, but the do-it-yourself products like Revlon ColorSilk Root Perfect and Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-up are easy to use and do a great job of covering up gray roots that are most obvious around your face and hair part. You can go an extra three weeks between professional coloring.”

            Kathleen Troy

            Freelance Colorist

            Bedford Hills


Blushing Beauties

“One of my all-time favorite shortcut techniques is using blush or a subtle bronzer for all-over face color. This pulls everything together and makes your face seem vibrant. Apply to your cheeks and cheekbones, then brush color at your forehead hairline, lightly down your nose and chin, and a little bit under your browbone. This is the quickest way to give you a little color while saving you a heck of a lot of time.”

            Liz Varenne

            Freelance Makeup Artist

            Blush Beauty Bar in Rye and the

            Nicholas Day Spa and Salon in Pelham



Toss UMOs (Unidentifiable Makeup Objects)

“Just because you got the lipstick for free, doesn’t mean you should keep or wear it! Only keep the products that are the easiest for you to work with and the most flattering for you to wear. This way, when you open your makeup drawer or bag, it will take less time pulling out—and putting on—what you need.”

            Scarlett DeBease

            Makeup Artist and Style Consultant




Ten-Minute Makeup

“To achieve warm and natural makeup in just under ten minutes, apply concealer to any blemishes you may have, as well as in the under-eye area to eliminate the ‘tired’ look, giving a more flawless appearance to the skin. Next, apply a liquid bronzer on the cheeks, eyelids, and lips. Finish with two coats of mascara to enhance the eyes, and you’re done! Minimal products, no need for brushes, and less time.”

            Rosemarie Pomilla

            Makeup Artist/Owner

            N.Y. Prostyle

            Dobbs Ferry


A Strong Foundation

“The most important step is to even out the skin tone; when the canvas is perfect, everything else looks good. Foundation is your first line of defense against the elements—it’s like putting a cover on a car. Get it on, put on a little blush, some shine on your lips, mascara, and get out the door.”

            Michelle Danielle


            Via Michelle

            Mount Kisco



“Think you have no time to spare for beauty treatments? Think again. Slap on a facial mask while cooking dinner, doing laundry, or working on the computer. I like absolutely edible Naturopathica’s Pumpkin Enzyme Peel or their yummy, cherry- and pomegranate-filled Environmental Defense Mask, which is just loaded with anti-oxidants. I also keep a tube of cleansing facial scrub in the shower for a quick exfoliation every few days.

Crest White Strips are great for whitening teeth while you drive to work. I keep a Tweezerman slant-tipped tweezer in the medicine cabinet and a Tweezerman 10X magnifying mirror suction-cupped in the corner of the medicine chest mirror at all times. When I brush my teeth, I check my eyebrows and, by tweezing just a few hairs every day, my brows stay groomed at all times. I have a tube of lipstick in the ashtray of my car.”

            Ilise Harris

            Freelance Makeup and Hair Artist







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