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New York’s First Donor Breast-Milk Bank Opens in Hastings

With an estimated need of more than nine million ounces annually within the next four years, quick and reliable availability is a must

6 Sensational Fall Facials

Sumptuous ways to repair, pamper, and protect your skin this autumn

Teen Acne: Causes and Treatments

When it comes down to caring for your skin, it's best to face the facts.

Sexual Healing

What you need to do to protect your reproductive health.

Here Are Summer's Hot Hair Trends

White Plains stylist Marina Gautschi gives us the lowdown on this season's go-to cuts and treatments.

Swimming Will Make You Stronger

Have fun in the pool and get in shape at the same time. Who can argue with this handful of reasons to take laps over running miles?

Allergy Misery And What You Can Do

Anyone who suffers from allergies can tell you that they are no joke. A local physician tells us what we can do for relief.

5 Trending Super-Foods

Kale is so 2014. Check out the super-food heroes of 2016.

Beauty/Test Drive: Skin Repair

A local dermatologist develops an all-natural skincare line that works.

Spa Week Is Back!

Head to a participating spa in Westchester to pamper yourself—for just 50 bucks!

The Truth Behind Pilates

We all know what Pilates is—right?

A New FDA-Approved Drug For Heart Failure

According to a study, Entresto “reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular causes and heart failure hospitalization by 20 percent,” according to the drug’s manufacturer, Novartis.

Local Experts Share Recommendations For Heart-Healthy Foods

Plus, a note on the ins and outs of heart disease.

5 Tips For Gorgeous Winter Skin

Don’t let Old Man Winter ruin your dewy glow.

Joy Bauer Promotes A Healthy Appetite For Life

The voice of nutrition for many Americans, the NBC Today nutrition expert opens up about her new book, her breakout moment, and why family drives everything she does.

Gut Feeling

The surprising connection between gut bacteria and mood

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