How to Hit a Golf Ball Out of the Rough, Downhill Bunker, Trees, or Water at Hudson National Golf Club in Croton-on-Hudson

Fairways and greens are a nice strategy, but most of us play from more troublesome lies. Here’s how to save your round when you’re not in the short grass


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Thick, gnarly rough

If you miss the fairway and land in the first cut of rough, you might — might — be able to reach the green in regulation. Go a little further astray, though, and you’ll be in some of the ugliest, gnarliest, club-grabbingest stuff on the planet.

The first thing to remember about getting out, Harvey says, is that your goal is just that — getting out of the rough without making matters worse. Take your medicine and concentrate on putting the ball where you have a chance to save the hole with your next shot.


Take a wedge or something similar, grip down on your club for greater control, move the ball back a bit in your stance, and swing steeply, making a big “L” with your wrists. Above all, keep your hands forward in your swing; if you flip your wrists, you’ll lose all the power in your swing and leave the ball in the tall cabbage.

One other hint: Don’t ground your club in the tall grass if there’s the slightest chance — and there always is — that your ball will move. You don’t need any penalty strokes on top of everything else!



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