Historic Golf Gear and Memorabilia of Golf Collectors in Westchester and the Hudson Valley

Masterpieces and mementos: Hudson Valley and Westchester’s golf collectors preserve and celebrate the game


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lowell schulman

Lowell Schulman, Purchase

“The ‘find’ is the big thrill,” declares Lowell Schulman, who at 85 is still finding remarkable treasures in the world of golf. The inveterate collector of golf art — and famed real estate developer noted for creating the Platinum Mile along I-287 in Harrison — has been assembling collections of art, glassware, silverware, ceramics, and other golf-related objects almost since he got hooked on the game as a 14-year-old caddie at Winged Foot Golf Club. That was when, he says, “I became smitten with the whole world of golf.”

Much of Schulman’s golf art hangs in his offices and home. On the wall behind his desk is his most valuable piece, The Drive, by C.E. Brock, painted in 1894. Schulman paid $52,000 for it 12 years ago and thinks it’s tripled in value since. “There were a series of three paintings, The Drive, The Bunker, and The Putt,” he explains. “I got this one, bid on the second one but it went to double what I’d paid, so I stopped bidding. I get joy just looking at these pictures every day.”

Golf artwork is only one of his passions. Schulman is now working on a singular collection of Amphora golf figures made from 1880 to 1910. It is basically his fourth collection. At one time, he had 200 ceramic pieces related to the sport. “The collection got bigger and bigger and bigger so I gave it to the USGA,” he says. “In my house, I enjoyed it, but there, everyone who walks through can see it.” The collection is in the main lobby at USGA headquarters in Far Hills, NJ.

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