Best 18 Places to Play Golf in 2012 in Westchester and the Hudson Valley, Upstate NY

Our panel’s dream course consists of 18 holes that stand out at the extreme ends of the yardage scale

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westchester country club west

7. Westchester Country Club West, Rye

Hole 14 • 573 yards • Par 5

Can you make this green in two? It’s possible, but not probable. The hole plays downhill, so you will get a little extra from your drive if you put it in exactly the right place. The green is long with three tiers, however, so it’s not likely that anything but two big, big hits will get you there.

On the tee, take aim at the fairway bunker you see in the distance. That’s a little over 300 yards from where you’re standing, so you don’t really have to worry about landing in it unless your name is Fred Couples. The most important thing to do off the tee is to hit a long, solid draw. You can cut the corner left, but if you over-pull just a little, the trees will get you.

Smart players decide how far they want to hit their third shot before they hit their second. The green has a false front you don’t really see from the fairway, so make sure your approach carries all the way.





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