Best 18 Places to Play Golf in 2012 in Westchester and the Hudson Valley, Upstate NY

Our panel’s dream course consists of 18 holes that stand out at the extreme ends of the yardage scale

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4. Mount Kisco Country Club, Mount Kisco

Hole 5 • 453 yards • Par 4

You don’t normally expect an impossible green on a long par four, but that’s what sits at the top of the hill on Mount Kisco’s fifth hole. The green doesn’t just slope from the back left to front right — it falls away like the deck of the Titanic just before it slipped beneath the waves. In other words, don’t try to putt from above the hole.

First you have to get there, of course, and that’s a long, uphill battle — literally. The fairway slopes from left to right, so slicers and faders are at a distinct disadvantage. Even a good drive to the left center will leave you with an uphill, side-hill lie for your second shot, which will probably be with a fairway wood since the USGA prohibits the use of rocket launchers. Many members play this conservatively as a par five. Considering the many ways a four can turn into a seven on this hole, that’s not a bad idea.





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