Best 18 Places to Play Golf in 2012 in Westchester and the Hudson Valley, Upstate NY

Our panel’s dream course consists of 18 holes that stand out at the extreme ends of the yardage scale


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16. Westchester Hills Golf Club, White Plains

Hole 7 • 344 yards • Par 4

The seventh at Westchester Hills is a nasty little hole fully capable of bringing tears to the eyes of grown men — especially those who think they have the game to overpower it. Like most short par fours, the best way to play this hole is with your brain, not your brawn.

You are welcome to pound a driver off the tee as long as you can hit it laser straight. That picturesque wooden fence you see running the length of the hole on the right is out of bounds. Notice how close it is to the fairway? Maybe it’s a sign you should be using a scalpel instead of a chainsaw to dissect this hole.

Even if you play it safe, however, there’s no assurance that your second shot will nestle up close to the pin. The green is the size of a ping-pong table and just about as hard to hold with anything other than a perfect floating wedge. Complicating matters are three bunkers, one of which—the deepest, naturally—is inconveniently located right in front of the green.





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