Best 18 Places to Play Golf in 2012 in Westchester and the Hudson Valley, Upstate NY

Our panel’s dream course consists of 18 holes that stand out at the extreme ends of the yardage scale


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9. Waccabuc Country Club, Waccabuc

Hole 13 • 438 yards • Par 4

Head pro John McPhee plays this long, straight hole with a driver and a hybrid, but then he also holds the course record of 62 and obviously knows what he’s doing. In truth, as long as you can hit it straight, there’s no reason not to score well here. A line of trees presents the biggest problem to those who stray off the fairway left; there are more to the right, although there’s a little more room on that side. You’re going to have a long approach shot no matter where you are, though, so it’s essential you make it from the short grass.

The green is deep — over 30 yards — so club selection for the second shot is not automatic. Running the ball onto the green isn’t unusual since it is level in the front. The back half slopes sharply back to front, though, so read your putts carefully if the pin is anywhere behind the mid-point.





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