Best 18 Places to Play Golf in 2012 in Westchester and the Hudson Valley, Upstate NY

Our panel’s dream course consists of 18 holes that stand out at the extreme ends of the yardage scale

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8. Pelham Country Club, Pelham Manor

Hole 13 • 454 yards • Par 4

You usually want to bomb it off the tee on a big par four, but a long, long drive can be too much of a good thing on the 13th hole at Pelham. Your aiming point is a big oak tree straight away, but hit anything over 245 yards and your ball will run through the fairway of the sharp dogleg left. A long high draw around the corner, of course, is the golden shot. If you can pull it off, you’ll have a midiron to the green.

Hitting the green is a whole other matter. At about 4,000 square feet, it’s not exactly tiny, but it looks really small from 200 — or more — yards away. Bunkers protect it right and left, and subtle, hard-to-read breaks make birdie putts difficult to pull off.





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