Fabulous Female Fivesome

Professional or amateur, teen phenom or veteran competitor, Westchester’s women golfers have made their marks on the game. These five are among the fiercest players in the sport—and have the trophies to prove it.

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Nicole Morales

Nicole Morales

Hometown: South Salem
Home Course: Centennial Golf Club

Thirteen-year-old Nicole Morales enjoys golf memories few adults will ever have. Annika Sorenstam handed her an autographed golf glove, Meg Mallon taught her how to juggle, and Laura Diaz cried “Wow!” after loaning Morales her driver and watching her pound the ball down the middle of the fairway.

She also fired an under-par round at Pinehurst to place ninth in the US Kids Golf World Championships last year. Her inspiration? LPGA Tour Leader Lorena Ochoa. “It’s great to see a Latin woman like me win big on the LPGA tour,” Morales says.

It’s great to see a Latin woman like me win big

Morales met her mentor, Cheryl Anderson, when Anderson taught at Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle. Anderson taught her the bucket drill, in which Morales chips balls into a bucket from 10, then 15, and then 20 feet until they are all in the bucket. It can take about an hour and a half, but pays off in a deft touch around the green. Once a week, Morales also stretches and does body balancing with John Winget, a physical therapist in Hawthorne.

Asked about her other interests, Morales says, “I have no life outside of golf.” But then she admits that a grilled-cheese dinner with French fries and lots of ketchup is pretty good, too.


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