What the Heck is a… Fuzzy Squash?

And should you eat it?


Description: Resembling a large zucchini in shape but with small white hairs (thus the “fuzzy” moniker) covering it, this member of the gourd family is also called fuzzy melon, hairy melon (ack!), hairy gourd (double ack!), and, in Chinese, mo qua (kind of cool).  

Flavor profile: It has a mild, sweet flavor; it’s also low in calories and high in fiber.

Cuisine connection: Used primarily in Chinese cuisine in soups and stir-fry. 

Prep: Rinse the squash thoroughly under cool running water. Use a paring knife to trim the stem and blossom ends. Remove the fine-textured fuzz by scraping off with the back of a paring knife. Leave as much skin as possible to retain its nutrients. Peel older squash, which has tougher skin.

Selecting a good one: Fuzzy squash weighing a pound or less tastes better than larger squash, which can be tough and flavorless.

How to use: Add chopped squash to your favorite casserole recipe. Or be original at your next dinner party or company potluck and bring homemade hairy-gourd bread.          



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