Westchester’s Six Best Bets for Fry Lovers

Whether you prefer the shoestring or steak variety, we can all agree that fries are a work of art. As such, here are a half-dozen ways to get your crispy, salty, starchy fix.


French-Style Frites: Restaurant North
Look for crisp-fried, perfectly cut batons of locally sourced Hudson Valley potatoes. It’s the sort of fry that’s so perfect, you feel guilty dragging it through ketchup.
386 Main St, Armonk (914) 273-8686; restaurantnorth.com

Steak Fries: MP Taverna’s Smashed Potatoes
These thick, oblong potato halves are both crisp and distinctly potato-flavored; they’re what might have happened if a pan-roasted potato and a french fry met and fell in love.
1 Bridge St, Irvington (914) 231-7854; mptaverna.com

Green Fries: Olive-Oil-Cooked French Fries at Elevation Burger
These fries get formed by a lever-operated cutter right before your eyes. Whack! Down goes the handle, and perfect wands of fresh potatoes shoot into a water-filled sink. From there, the potatoes are dropped into fryers that contain only olive oil; what you might sacrifice in crispness, you make up in nutritional style points.
176 S Ridge St, Rye Brook (914) 305-6700; Westchester’s Ridge Hill, 228 Market St, Yonkers (914) 358-9400; elevationburger.com

Shoestring Fries: Pow! Burger
Look, they’re definitely frozen and probably get dumped in the fryer straight out of a bag, but Pow’s cup-held version of the french fry is always served perfectly crisp, perfectly salted, and perfectly hot.
211 Main St, New Rochelle (914) 813-0344; pow-burger.com

Classy Sweet Potato Fries: BUtterfield 8
These thyme-flecked shoestrings are salty, sweet, and strangely elegant. Their rich, mildly caramel flavor is just the thing to offset BUtterfield 8’s healthful turkey burger.
147 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains (914) 358-4881; butterfield8whiteplains.com

Not-so-Classy Sweet Potato Fries: Sweet
Tater Tots at Burgers, Shakes & Fries You know you love Tater Tots, those little nuggets of deep-fried starch modifiers and salt. Look for a purer, less chemical version of them at BSF, this time made with sugary sweet potatoes.
302 Delavan Ave, Greenwich, CT (203) 531-7433; 800 Post Road, Darien, CT (203) 202-9401; burgersshakesnfries.com



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