Vegan and Vegetarian “Burgers” at Elevation Burger

Not one, but two animal-free burgers? We doubt this phenomenon can be found anywhere else on the East Coast.


the Veggie Burger #1 (non-vegan) at Elevation Burger

Veggie Burger #1 and #2 (one vegan
patty and one non-vegan patty) in Lettuce Wrap at Elevation Burger You gotta love a fast-food restaurant that serves two types of veggie burgers, one of which is vegan. Look for the cheese-based, meat-mimicking Veggie Burger #1 to join the nutty-textured Veggie Burger #2 (which is solely vegetable-based). While you’re at it, skip your doubleveggie burger’s bun for a lettuce leaf and then file your papers for sainthood.
176 S Ridge St, Rye Ridge (914) 305-6700; Westchester’s Ridge Hill, 228 Market St, Yonkers (914) 358-9400



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