Five Unconventional Holidays to Celebrate in February

National Dark Chocolate day doesn’t fall on Valentine’s Day, but that’s one worth celebrating on more than one occasion.


February 1—National Dark Chocolate Day • Break into your Valentine’s Day chocolates early this year and treat yourself to some high-cocoa-content treats on the first day of the month. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and good for the heart, so spare yourself any guilt (and pass the box while you’re at it).

February 13—Get a Different Name Day • Not so fond of the name that Mom and Dad chose for you way back when? Today is the day to adopt the name that you have always envied (just don’t forget to let Social Security know that you’ve assumed a new identity).

February 15—Singles Awareness Day • In a month in which Valentine’s Day and loving relationships take the cake (and the chocolates, and the flowers, and the candlelit dinners), the day after the big holiday is a time to celebrate for those who are unattached—and, potentially, a day to meet someone new in celebration of your availability.

February 24—National Pistachio Day • Fiber and healthy unsaturated fats are just some of the nutritionally beneficial contents of the little green nut. Be sure to serve these at a cocktail party or pack them in your children’s’ lunchboxes on
the 24th. 

Canine coaches and pet parents who don’t want to be pet grandparents, get ready: February is also Dog Training Education month and Spay/Neuter Awareness month



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