Provisions Bake Shop’s Apple-Cranberry Crostata Anatomy

Chef Nannette Conners shares what lies within her pastry’s nooks and crannies.


photo by Halina Sabath

Apple-Cranberry Crostata  
by Chef Nannette Conners of Provisions Bake Shop
($25 for nine-inch crostata serving 8)

Flaky Crust
The from-scratch crust is a simple recipe: butter, flour, a little sugar, and a bit of water. It gets an egg wash and is sprinkled with sugar before baking to ensure a golden color.

The Best Part…
The streusel topping consists of flour, sugar, cinnamon, and butter—the same ingredients in Conners’ coffee-cake topping.

Seasonal Fruit
During the fall/winter, it’s apples (Golden Delicious—not too tart, so only a minimal amount of added sugar is needed) and cranberries; in the hotter months, it’s peaches and blueberries instead.

Serving Suggestion
“The rustic fruit tart is not overly sweet, so it can be served for breakfast, but I think it tastes good any time of day,” says Conners. “If you do serve it in the afternoon or evening, vanilla ice cream is great with it.”

Provisions Bake Shop 209 Wolfs Ln, Pelham (914) 709-4148;



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