Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Steals the Show at Elevation Burger

This is some fanciful fast food. Salty, greasy and responsibly produced, the burgers here are sinful for sure, but with a conscience too.

The Elevation burger is made with organic, grass-fed beef.

Elevation Burger
In the way that Starbucks took a pre-existing American addiction (coffee), gave it a vocabulary and a soundtrack, and earned billions of dollars, Elevation is taking the American love of fast food and pairing it with our growing preference for organics. At Elevation, the burgers are made with 100 percent organic, grass-fed beef, while the fries are freshly cut and cooked in olive oil. Elevation is the perfect solution for folks who’ve read Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, but still love greasy, salty (and delicious) fast food.
176 S Ridge St, Rye Brook (914) 305-6700; Westchester’s Ridge Hill 228 Market St, Yonkers (914) 358-9400;



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