High School Poll – Week 4

Week 4: Results

Byram Hills High School and Somers High School have a new reason to shake those pom-poms—the two schools tied for Best Cheerleading Uniform in week 4 of our High Schools Poll. And as for Most Plugged-In High School? Close again: Edgemont High School and Sleepy Hollow High School both tied. And no wonder. Edgemont students get to videoconference and Sleepy Hollow's get to enjoy a multimedia program—we're talking Edgemont has a  a TV channel, digital yearbook, and award-winning website. Congrats to all!
Best Cheerleading Uniform
Byram Hills High School
Tuckahoe High School
Somers High School
Hendrick Hudson High School
Walter Panas High School
Most Plugged-In
Edgemont High School’s portable videoconferencing system, through which teachers have set up videoconferences with individuals such as the founder of Kiva.com, a Holocaust survivor, a nationally-recognized expert on gun control, a medical examiner offering commentary on a videotaped autopsy, and presenters from a number of museums and cultural institutions.
Riverside High School’s specialized courses, included computer-integrated manufacturing, robotics, civil engineering and architecture, hands-on projects developed with NASA in aerodynamics, digital animation, and more.
Sleepy Hollow High School’s expansive multimedia program, through which students produce the school’s TV channel, digital yearbook, and award-winning website, sleepyhollowhits.com.
Mamaroneck High School’s online class, “Making a Lasting Impression: Our Architecture Across the Centuries and Today,” where students can log on and partake in the course using various web tools.
Mount Vernon High School’s classes for upperclassmen, providing advanced courses in TV production, cosmetology, automotive technology, and many AP courses.

Week 3: Results

There’s Something AboutMatt Dillon?! There sure is. The Mamaroneck High School grad has just been anointed the county's Most Famous Alumnus by you and the many other voters in our High Schools Poll (you did vote, right?). In week 3 of our popular High Schools Poll, the Something About Mary star beat out four other famous Westchester high school grads. Sorry Rooney Mara, Mary J. Blige Vanessa Williams, and Aaron Sorkin. And, yes, as far as the Best Marching Band: hats off to White Plains High School's marching band. You won!

     Here, just in case you missed out voting in Week 3 (tsk, tsk)—and above, do vote on Week 4’s Poll.

Most Famous Alumnus

Matt Dillon (Mamaroneck High School)

Rooney Mara (Fox Lane High School)

Vanessa Williams (Horace Greeley High School)

Aaron Sorkin (Scarsdale High School)

Mary J. Blige (Roosevelt High School)
Best Marching Band
Port Chester High School
Harrison High School
White Plains High School
New Rochelle High School
Horace greeley High School

Week 2: Results

What on earth is a Bandersnatch? Why, it’s the official mascot for Scarsdale High School, a fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s poems, and (drum roll)…apparently, the winner for best school mascot according to you, our readers, in week 2 of our High Schools Poll. For Best Amenities, New Rochelle High School comes out the victor once again—taking the prize for its planetarium. Congrats to our winners!

     Just to remind everyone of the choices in Week 2’s poll... (Above, do vote on Week 3’s Poll)

Best School Mascot
Yorktown - Corn Huskers
Somers - Elephants
Sleepy Hollow - Horsemen                 
North Salem - Vikings
Scarsdale - Bandersnatch
Best Amenities
John Jay - Rock climbing wall
New Rochelle - Planetarium
White Plains – Olympic-sized swimming pool
Harrison - Dance studio
Dobbs Ferry - TV studio

Week 1: Results

Well, hello there, New Rochelle High School...you sure are lookin’ lovely today—and every day, according to our readers. That’s right—the results are in for week one of our High School Poll, and New Rochelle was voted best campus. As for biggest rivalry? Survey says it’s Rye High School and Harrison High School that have the biggest clash going on. Now, now—play nice, kids.

     Just to remind everyone of the choices in Week 1’s poll...

Best Campus
New Rochelle High School
Rye High School
Mamaroneck High School
North Salem High School
Scarsdale High School
Biggest School Rivalry
Rye vs. Harrison
Lincoln vs. Roosevelt
New Rochelle vs. Mount Vernon
Yorktown vs. John Jay
Valhalla vs.West Lake


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