Classic Fixtures

Vintage Westchester businesses that have withstood the test of time.

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In this issue, we honor our past with a portfolio of Westchester downtown businesses that still grace our streets from earlier times. Some continue to be run by the original families; others have evolved over time. With their classic storefronts, nostalgic signage, and years of experience, they remind us of days gone by—while still serving us today.

The Setback Inn
33 Main St, Tarrytown
Come into Tarrytown’s Setback Inn and Scott Toth may serve you a Stella or join you in a game of darts. When his Hungarian grandparents, Gus and Olga Toth, opened the place back in 1959, it looked much like it does today. The Setback’s authentic atmosphere has been tapped for TV commercials and Hollywood films starring Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts, and Keanu Reeves. Open from 6 pm on weeknights and noon on weekends, it’s a stone’s throw from Main Street’s other vintage landmark: The Tarrytown Music Hall. Stop in for a drink and a walk down Memory Lane.

Ralph’s Electric
343 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck
Ralph’s Electric has been in the appliance business for 70+ years—and the store’s retro look makes it easy to imagine customers pulling up in two-toned Studebakers and Cadillacs with fins. Since Ralph’s opened in the ’40s, the world of electric appliances has completely changed, but the expertise of the store’s salespeople has remained constant. Whether you want an air conditioner, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer or dryer, you’ll find it at Ralph’s Electric.


Heathcote Barbershop
6 Palmer Ave, Scarsdale
For more than 80 years, men of all ages have been climbing into Heathcote’s big barbershop chairs for haircuts and shaves. Originally from Italy, Gerardo Capobianco bought the Heathcote Barbershop 45 years ago. These days, his son, Angelo, carries on the family tradition. “I remember sitting in the corner watching my dad cut hair when I was a little boy,” he says. “Now, it’s me.”

Winslow Mens Wear
32 S 4th Ave, Mount Vernon
In the 1930s and ’40s, every well-dressed man wore a suit—and a hat—to work, to stroll, and go out in the evening. Winslow Men’s Wear was there to supply those hats, along with the well-tailored finery men demanded decades ago. It still offers a wide array of fashionable menswear while its spectacular storefront sign (love that curly “W”) continues to add style to the street.