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“Westchester: A Pictorial History” (January 2010) was a great trip down Memory Lane worthy of any college history class. The pictures of the Port Chester, Bronxville, and Pleasantville train stations, originally built over 100 years ago, speak volumes. Past generations’ investments in public transportation have clearly resulted in the economic success and growth of thriving communities today. Food for thought when contemplating new investments in public transportation.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, Long Island

Sorry to be the proverbial skunk at the garden party, but I couldn’t help but notice your 1930s photograph of the Pleasantville train station included a 1953 Buick , a 1957 Ford, a 1954 Plymouth, a 1955 Chevy station wagon and a ’56 Bel-Aire sedan.  Also, looks like about a 1949 Pontiac (or possibly Chevy or other GM car) on the right. I was a kid during the ’50s and loved the cars of that period.

Harold M. Levine, CFA
via e-mail

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your keen observations. At press time we were still researching the exact year of the photo.

Reasons to Love Westchester Magazine

I wanted to let you know just how much my friends and I enjoyed your article, “52 Reasons to Love Westchester,” in the December issue. Though we’re all longtime Westchester residents—I’ve lived here for more than 20 years—your writers made us take a new look at the county and appreciate all the things about it we’ve come to take for granted. Keep up the great work!

Victoria Covello

Oops: As noted above, in January’s cover story (“Westchester: A Pictorial History”), a photo (page 60, #1) of the Pleasantville train station was misidentified as from being 1936. It should have been circa 1950s. And a photo (page 51, #3) depicts a Katonah home being moved to the new village, not the public library, which also was moved.

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