Honoring Black History Month

African American Account


February is Black History Month. Here’s a look at how Westchester’s black population has grown and shaped our county.

Black Population
2008: 139,276 (14.6 percent of total County population)
1970: 85,041 (9.5 percent)

Black-Owned Businesses
2008: 7,020
1992: 3,397

Black Adults with High School Diplomas
2008: 80.6 percent (of total black adult population)
1970: 41.3 percent

Southern Food Restaurants in the County: 1 (House of Soul, 65 E Prospect Ave, Mount Vernon 914-663-7685)
Sites on Westchester’s African-American Heritage Trail: 13
Years White Plains Has Celebrated Juneteenth (commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States) with a Parade: 5
African Americans on the Westchester County Board of Legislators: 3 (of 17 legislators)



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