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Well, here we are again—smack-dab in the middle of winter. That doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun outdoors. So grab the kids (or pretend you’re one yourself) and hit these local hills for some good old-fashioned sledding.

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Cross River
The largest reservation in Westchester County, Ward Pound Ridge plays host to picnickers, campers, hikers, and—you guessed it—sledders. With two-, three-, and five-mile trails available, the Reservation has designated areas specifically for sledders and tubers.

Knollwood Country Club, Elmsford
Fore! Nothing says sledding like hitting the links—links covered in a blanket of snow, that is. Running alongside Knollwood Road, this golf course transforms into the perfect slippery slope for savvy sledders each winter.

John A. Lombardi Park/Clove Road Field, North White Plains
Bordering the Bronx River Parkway, the field has an old, unused ski lodge—an extreme sledder’s dream. Take the plunge if you dare, but be warned: this hill is not for amateurs.

Ardsley Middle School, Ardsley
Locals lovingly call this summit, behind the school, Mount Fuji. The thrill of sledding down “Fuji” (technically forbidden) is that the school building is right at the end of the hill (a mere 10 feet away). Who said helmets were only for bikers?

Rye Golf Club, Rye
Many sledders opt to walk to the summit on this golf course. Sledders will be delighted to find natural “jumps” for greater take-off and ample room at the bottom of the hill to slow down (read: tumble and skid out).

Dead Man’s Hill, Lake Isle Town Park Golf Course, Eastchester
Hopefully its name does not portend a thing, Dead Man’s Hill is one of the better-known sledding spots in Westchester County (featured in our May, 2008 “56 Must-Dos” cover story). This hill isn’t for the faint of heart, so crossing your fingers and saying a quick prayer may not be a bad idea.



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