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Where to find the best in vintage couture       



Giorgio St. Angelo dress, at Vintage by Stacey Lee (Above) 

I love vintage clothes. I also live in Westchester, a county more attuned to vintage wine and fine antiques than to funky vintage clothing. The recent closing of one of my favorite local thrift shops urged me to look a little farther afield for the cool antique furs, stylish little bags, sleek cocktail dresses, and one-of-a-kind pieces that make vintage shopping so much fun. Here are a few of my finds.



Déjà Vu Consignment Boutique

107 N Broadway, Tarrytown, (914) 366-4657                  

Tues-Sat, 11 to 6; Sun, 12 to 5. Closed Mon.

It may look like any other resale store, but this lovely shop has an impressive, though small, vintage section that’s worth examining. Just ask Regina Murray, the proprietor, to point out all the gems. When I stopped by, the selection of furs was superb. I’m still thinking about a chocolate mink trench from the ’60s with jeweled buttons, a fur belt, and a spectacular silk pop-art lining. It had just been reduced to $500. There were tops, suits, and dresses from Dior, Oscar de la Renta, and Yves Saint Laurent, all well priced. A pair of stretchy, thigh-high, size-8 Pucci boots at $199 and custom-made lizard boots ($125) owned by a runway star from the ’60s (a regular consignor, according to Regina) alone would have been worth the trip. A vintage Rolex, priced at $1,500, was also in the house.


Elena’s Boutique & Consignments

1807 Commerce St., Yorktown Hts, (914) 962-3730

This lovely store is an interesting mix of vintage and new. “Everything,” owner Elena Malchevsky says, “is fun, clean, and unusual.” And that pretty much sums it up. I purchased a nearly new distressed-leather jacket in an amazing color somewhere between eggplant and earthy brown. The unexpected rhinestone buckles are what sold me. I paid just under $300, but most of the items are priced lower. Another standout was a vintage wool coat in a shade of old-Buick turquoise at just $65. A nice array of vintage furs included a unique purple cape with a white mink collar for $95. I also picked up a chunky gold chain (she has lots!) for $8 that looked exactly like one I saw in the Free People catalog for close to $200. Some beautiful new beaded bags (my favorite was just $38), vintage home accessories, and even some antique furniture make Elena’s a great stop.



36 N. Division St, Peekskill, (914) 734-2750

Tues through Sat, 11 to 6; Sun, 12 to 4; Mon, 12 to 6

If you like the thrill of the hunt, take a drive up to Peekskill, where Sue DeGregorie’s Retrovato is bursting with her treasures. Cases of vintage jewelry are ripe for your inspection. Racks of antique furs, tulle prom dresses, sequined and beaded tops, jeweled ‘50s basket bags, vintage linens, and handkerchiefs keep company with funky lamps, bric-a-brac, and a whole lot more. For $125, I ended up taking home a short black curly lamb-and-mink jacket fresh from one of Sue’s forays that hadn’t even made it onto the floor yet!  In a few months, this packed-to-the-rafters and reasonably priced trove is moving to larger quarters down the street.



2 Chase Rd, Scarsdale, (914) 472-4580

Monday through Saturday, 10 to 5

Although this store looks like any other high-end Scarsdale boutique, it’s a delicious mix of discounted new merchandise, top-shelf designer consignments, and vintage pieces with very good pedigrees. Known for its regular supply of coveted Pucci items, Roundabout’s vintage rack often includes Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gucci. When I dropped in, a camelhair coat from Norman Norrell (Isaac Mizrahi’s original inspiration) caught my eye at $550. If you have a group of 10 or more, the shop will open in the evening just for you and your fashionable friends, so you can browse through the treasures in private, celebrity style. They’ll even bring wine and cheese.



297 Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills; (914) 242-9846



Roberta Di Camerino leather & velvet bag, at Vintage by Stacey Lee (Above)

Owner Laura Herlihy has a secret source in Beverly Hills for her regular shipments of designer couture from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s (and not the big-shouldered Dynasty suits of that unfortunate decade either, but say, an Armani strapless tube dress priced at $1,500, originally $6,000).  The store, which has been in business for eight years (formerly called Antique Market Place), carries Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Hermes, Donna Karan, Dolce and Gabanna, Gucci, Valentino, and other designers. “We’re known for our bags,” Herlihy says, noting she currently has a coveted Hermes Kelly “37-Centimeter” bag, priced at a whopping $6,800—the most expensive item in the store, which also carries furniture. “The new Kelly bags have a waiting list of three to four years, start at $10,000, and can cost more than $60,000,” she says, making the vintage bag quite the bargain.


Vintage with a Twist

By appointment only, email or call (914) 924-5006

Elaine Klausman is a real pro in the world of vintage finery. One look at her well-edited collection and it’s obvious she has a discerning and practiced eye. Elaine lives in Bedford and sells by appointment, as well as at shows throughout the area. Designer clothes and furs are her forte, but she carries everyday pieces as long as they have that special something, either in the cut or the fabrication. Elaine also deals in shoes, hats, handbags, and jewelry that meet her finely tuned standards. Lately, she’s uncovered a fabulous collection of treasures from the ’60s. Everything is cleaned and fully repaired. Set up an appointment or drop Elaine an email and she’ll notify you of all her shows.


Vintage by Stacey Lee

By appointment only, email or      call (914) 328-0788


Silk Pucci bag, at Vintage by Stacey Lee (Above)

Stacey Lee Winnick is in the business of perfection. Her wide-ranging racks of vintage treasures are so perfect that they’re often used as inspiration for other designers (Donna Karan, Vivian Tam, and Ralph Lauren to name a few) or purchased as wardrobe for period films (Julia Roberts wore some of her finds in Mona Lisa Smile). Luckily for us, Stacey’s 10,000-piece collection is available for our perusal—by appointment only—at her White Plains showroom. Right now, along with a range of vintage couture, suits, sweaters, and more, she has two amazing Pucci bags and a Giorgio St. Angelo dress from the ‘70s. Her estate jewelry collection boasts an 18K gold choker she can’t say enough about. “There is something here for everyone and at every price range,” she promises. Since Stacey has watched famous designers take inspiration from her vintage pieces, she likes the fact that her customers are the ones wearing the true originals, while the department stores carry the copies.




Leslie Long helps finance her collection of vintage clothing and accessories by writing about her favorite subjects—arts, travel, and fashion.



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