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A guide to the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly elements of our DreamHome.


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Found throughout the house, Energy Star-rated appliances from Leibert’s Royal Green Appliance Center are terrific savers of water and money. The kitchen’s Miele dishwasher not only uses much less water, but also convection air drying, thereby saving energy and making it safe to wash the best china, crystal, and dinnerware. Front-loading washing machines whichuseone-third less water wash and rinse garments so they come out 20 to 30 percent drier, thereby minimizing time needed in the dryer.


Energy Star-rated Ultimate Double Hung windows and French doors from Marvin Design feature Low-E II (Low-emissivity) technology whereby space between the double insulated glass panels is filled with argon, which cuts down on convection and radiates heat back towards its source. In summer, the glass reflects heat back toward the sun, thereby naturally cooling the house, and in winter, it reflects heat inside, naturally warming the house.


reclaimed wood

Wooden details adorning various rooms are not only defining elements of the Arts and Crafts style, they’re environmentally friendly, too. The antique white oak used in the kitchen island countertop and the wine room door and table top—all made in Murphy Brothers Contracting’s mill shop—was salvaged from a recently demolished Montgomery, New York, grain mill built in the late 19th century. In providing the elegant hardwood floors and decorative ceiling beams in the family room and master bedroom suite, Antique and Vintage Woods of America used approximately 18,000 board feet of salvaged oak.



plumbing fixtures

The house features a number of water-saving shower heads including in the cabana bathroom, where the “Rain Dance Air Jet” Hansgrohe shower head from Central Plumbing Specialties features technology that allows air to be sucked into each drop of water; when droplets hit the body, they get absorbed rather than roll off.



A recent study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota and funded by the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association found that awnings on houses in cities on the Northeast Coast can reduce the need for cooling energy by up to 33 percent. Gregory Sahagian & Son, Inc.’s motorized awning on the back porch is perfectly poised to do just that.






Classic and sophisticated Sun Valley hardware from Katonah Architectural Hardware is made from 90 to 95 percent pre-consumer recycled bronze.





kitchen cabinets

Rutt kitchen cabinets from Bilotta Kitchens are made out of wood from a “well-managed forest” or a “farmed-wood source” that has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. Rutt’s exterior finishes have low volatile organic compounds, and its interior varnishes are UV-cured.


 laundry room surfaces

Porcelina plaster by American Clay on the walls of the upstairs laundry room is made from 100-percent natural and 80-percent reclaimed materials. The laundry room also features PaperStone countertops made from recycled paper and a backsplash made of cork, a sustainable material.





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