No More Milk

Non-dairy milk for the uninitiated.


See all those non-dairy milk alternatives crowding the dairy case? They’re only for those on a low-cholesterol diet, the lactose intolerant and—as your less-than-progressive Uncle Sal says—pretentious hipsters, and weirdo vegans, right? Well, as any true food lover will attest, they’re also for those looking for a different taste sensation. Here’s a rundown:  


What Is It?

Best Uses

Brand to Buy

Almond Milk

Ground almonds mixed with water result in a smooth, nutty flavor; lots of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Mix with oatmeal or cold cereal; also for chocolate milk, soups, or pancake batter

Pacifi Organic Almond Milk about $1.69/qt

Coconut Milk

Creamy milk from grated coconut meat; low levels of cholesterol and sodium

Excellent base of ice cream or popsicles; also pour in tea, coffee, and smoothies

So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage about $2/qt

Rice Milk

Grain milk processed from rice with a consistency like skim dairy milk; low in fat and calories

Good in baking due to sweet flavor or with cold cereal

Rice Dream Organic Rice Drink about $1.99/qt

Soy Milk

Made from pressed soybeans mixed with water and usually sugar or some other sweetener; low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free

For a creamy latte or in baked goods due to high protein content

EdenSoy Extra Organic Soymilk about $2.99/qt




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