The Meteor Strike in Peekskill in October 1992

A heavenly object was a lucky strike for one Peekskill woman.


Apparently, one of the most damaging—and well-documented—meteor strikes in modern history occurred in Peekskill. On October 9, 1992, a meteorite the size of a bowling ball plummeted from the sky and through the trunk of Michelle Knapp’s Chevy Malibu. At least 16 people took amateur video of the meteorite. (Many of these videos are on YouTube.) Although she had paid only $400 for the car, Knapp, who was 18 at the time, then sold it for a whopping $10,000 to Lang’s Fossils and Meteorites in Cranford, New Jersey. It has been on display in New York, Paris, Munich, and Tokyo. A three-ounce chunk of the meteorite was sold for more than $16,000 at an October 14th auction to a museum that was still unidentified at press time. The rest remain unsold.          



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