The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on Westchester's Ridge Hill in Yonkers

Our newest column, your most recent fixation, absolutely no hyperbole—whatsoever!


Look, I remember all the Westchester mall phenoms going back to The Westchester mall. They all opened with their filtered white light, the omnipresent smell of soft pretzels, and water features that said, “See? I’m really not an amoral vortex of consumer frenzy.” (Not, as George and Jerry say, that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Now we’ve got Westchester’s Ridge Hill in Yonkers, and we know you’re going to go a little crazy on it with the holiday season in full swing. (Remember the freezer full of 10-pound bags of cocktail shrimp after Costco opened?) So we figured we’d inaugurate our new column—The Good, The Bad & The Ugly—on your latest obsession.

■ Havana Central Restaurant and Bar
The Good: No more crossing a bridge to get my fix of the City-based restaurant’s arroz con camarones.
The Bad: Greatly increasing my risk of plantain butt
The Ugly: Caipirinha hangovers

■ Parking
The Good: Convenient
The Bad: Impossible to navigate
The Ugly: The lots are way over-built and clearly taking up space where we could have put a Chipotle.

■ Showcase Cinema de Lux
The Good: Seriously, Gandalf’s face is going to be 82 feet wide when The Hobbit comes out.
The Bad: The parking voucher that gives you $2 off concessions, making you feel like you’re getting a deal when you’re actually paying more.
The Ugly: For every Avatar, there is a Clash of the Titans… and its sequel.

■ WESTMED Medical Group
The Good: Getting some errands done after your checkup and not losing the whole day.
The Bad: Being catty-corner from a Cheesecake Factory after a cardiology appointment
The Ugly: Anyone else think it looks like the purgatory from that cute(-ish) Albert Brooks/Meryl Streep movie, Defending Your Life?

■ Whole Foods Market
The Good: Olives! So many olives!
The Bad: They cost what?!
The Ugly: Driving your SUV from there to Trader Joe’s to compare prices before buying local.

■ Yard House
The Good: 130 taps
The Bad: The brew is served too cold to taste the hops.
The Ugly: Every 20-something in there: “We used to drink this all the time when I studied abroad in Prague, but I’ve never been able to find it in the States.”    



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