Home Theater: December 2012

What to add to your queue this month.


The Dark Knight Rises
Release Date: December 4, Warner Home Video
Yes, director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is really, truly over. If you’re still in denial, get the Blu-ray of The Dark Knight Rises, and you can spend countless evenings poring over the behind-the-scenes moments—there are at least 17 “making of” featurettes, plus a documentary about the Batmobile. If that’s still not enough for you, you can always spring for the extra-fancy, limited-edition Blu-ray that comes with its own Batman cowl. There’s nothing sad about wearing it around the house while you’re making dinner.


Beasts of the Southern Wild
Release Date: December 4, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Score one for the home team: This movie comes from Benh Zeitlin, a graduate of Hastings High School. When it hit the festival circuit, the movie cleaned up in awards, winning the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, the Golden Camera award at Cannes, the Audience Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and a slew of others. We always knew our students were accomplished.


Girls: The Complete First Season
Release Date: December 11, Warner Home Video
Be it envy or disdain, chances are you feel something towards Lena Dunham and her Brooklyn-dwelling kin. You might feel thankful that you don’t have to endure the Bushwick warehouse parties, or feel a twinge of nostalgia for the days when you lived in a tiny apartment with your best friend, alternating in-room dance-offs and screaming fights. Girls is a perfect snapshot of a certain kind of twentysomething, New York City lifestyle. Enjoy it, hate it—just don’t compare it to Sex and the City. 



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