Pet of the Year Contest 2012

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Help us find the county’s most darling, precious, special pets to feature in our March 2012 Pet Section. Peruse our entrants here and rank any or all from 1 (yuck, what is that thing?) to 5 stars (pet perfection!). At the end of the voting period (January 16, 2012), the editorial staff will select 10 of the top 20 rated pets to be photographed for the pet issue; one of the 10 will be our pet centerfold—meow!


Teddy came into Jeff's life after his beloved German Shepard passed away from cancer.  Teddy comes from a breeder in Upstate New York, and was adopted by Jeff when he was 8 weeks old...instant love from that cuddly ball of fur.  Well, that little ball of fur has grown into a beautiful, lovable, "velcro dog."  Teddy wants to go everywhere Jeff goes, and when Teddy can't see Jeff, he calls to him with a howl.  He watches TV with his stuffed duck, and puts one end of the duck's foot in his mouth...sometimes, Teddy sleeps with his paw in his mouth like a baby would when sucking his thumb.  Teddy is a showstopper anywhere he goes...people just want to go over and meet "the gentle giant" of a dog.



Georgia, Yale, Georgetown, Mississippi State, Fresno State all have their bulldogs! It’s time for Westchester to have their bulldog too, Bobby Westchester bulldog!  He is sweet, affectionate, playful, and is a loyal companion to curl up with you on  a cold winter night.  Bobby loves going down slides in a playground, running in the park with a soccer ball in his mouth, swimming in his puppy pool, cheering for the Giants from the couch and shaking “paws” with everyone he meets. Some people gasp in his stoutly appearance, (afterall his head is nearly the size of a bowling ball) but after a few minutes hanging with Bobby, you’ll realize this bulldog has a fun loving personality… well, that’s until he falls asleep…..and snores all night long.

Please choose Bobby for the Westchester Pet of the Year Contest! Not because he’s beautiful, but because he is a devoted fan to Westchester and the Westchester Magazine!


Boo Boo:

Our pet cat was a stray that started coming around our apartment right at the time my wife became pregnant, Summer 2011.  It took a liking to us even though we were not feeding it.  It would pop up in our living room window, our kitchen window and our screen door.  We finally gave in and started feeding it.  Our biggest concern was a kitty litter and my wife being pregnant.  Here is were "Pet of the Year" begins.

The weekend of the hurricane we let the cat inside because we were concerned with the rain and windy conditions.  The cat was instantly a potty trained cat.  She went to the bathroom outside only.  She would go to the door when she had to go.  She would come in after.   So our stray was potty trained!  WE have never bought a litter and she still continues this routine.  

We took her to the vet.  She had no fleas, no ticks, no worms and and no other diseases.  She is spayed and clean as a whistle.   Here are more reasons why she is "Pet of the Year"
- She taught my wife and I some nuances of becoming a new parent.  We have learned not to argue when she is around because it would scare her.
- She has taught us the various sleep schedule issues that we will encounter, by waking up at night when she has to go outside or eat.
- She made us learn to schedule ourselves so someone is home at certain times because of feeding and potty time.
- She discovered mold growing in our apartment that we would have otherwise not known.
- She puts her paws on my wife's tummy without provocation when my wife is lying down and not feeling well.
- She has fought off a raccoon, a opossum and other stray cats that come around our apartment.  I have seen it.  She is like a guard dog at our apartment door, as if to protect my wife from these other animals that could spread disease.
- She spends time "hanging out" with my wife when I am at work late.
- She is not overly vocal, so she is not annoying.
- She has inspired us to donate money to pet charities.

It is important to know that everyone that knows my wife and I are shocked that we have a pet and love it so much.  We are not pet people.  When we were dating, we always said the one thing we agree on is not ever wanting a pet.  BooBoo has really changed our lives and brought us closer together.  At a time when we just found out we were going to be parents and didn't realize how much we didn't know.  The cat taught us soo much.



In my eyes Brownie is extra special to me.  He has been in my life since he was just 6 weeks old, he will be 11 on March 17, 2012.  When he was just a year old he was diagnosed with epilepsy .  It was and still is a horrifying experience and a constant struggle.  I felt/feel helpless while he going through an episode . Now he is slowing down on his walking and jumping but he never misses treat time or the opportunity to try and chase a cat or squirrel.

Brownie is truly the highlight of my day.  From the  minute i wake up to that brown nose and floppy ears starting  at me with his head on m pillow.   To the second I come home and find him on my bed on his back waiting for belly rubs until its bed time and he snuggles up to me with his favorite toy and drifts off to sleep. 

He is extremely smart and well behaved. Well don't get me wrong he does get into a lot of mischief, or shall i say a real lot of mischief.  His middle name should have been "mischievous" instead of Brownie Bacci Bear.  He does everything from opening the dishwasher, to taking the cushions off my couch, to trying the take the slippers off my feet and everything in between, but in the end he just want to play.

Brownie's favorite past times are food, tennis balls, he loves his octopus toy, sleeping on the bed in the sun, did i mention food, belly rubs, giving puppy kisses, hogging the bed and begging for meatballs in front of the pizzeria (of course he always gets one too)

Brownie has an amazing unique personality as well.  He is always there to lick my tears away with a wagging tail.  Will lay by my side when i am sick or is always up for a good game of tug or war. 

Its hard to put into words his true essence and personality but to me he is my heart and soul and simply special best friend. 

It would mean the world to us to me choose, thank you



Imagine a stuffed animal come to life and that's Pickle.  This fall, my Grandmother-in-Law fell terminally ill.  When she was in the hospital, Pickle passed certification to visit the hospital and spread cheer.  Well, Grandma Sylvia decided she only liked Pickle from afar, but this pooch brought smiles and cheer to every other person there, both patient and staff.  It's wonderful to observe that no matter where we are, people look at her and smile, or start rolling around on the sidewalk with her.  Knowing she brightens up even a tiny part of someone's day is heart warming.




Our pet Lola is the most playful puppy you will ever meet--she loves to fetch and play tug of war!  She was delivered to us from the North Pole which makes her extra special!



Fergie is so special because she is the most affectionate puppy! Upon greeting people, she loves to roll right on her back and have her belly rubbed! She has such a unique color and look...Fergie is truly one of a kind! We call her Fergie, the Duchess of Yorktown!



Rusty is so special because he is always down to do anything, if its being Santa at Christmas or catching a football for the Giants. He is always ready to go.



Molly is spunky and sassy, completely unique, opinionated, cute and modest (one of her most endearing traits) She can be a prima donna (justified because her royal ancestors owned British Kings). Honestly she brings so much joy and happiness into our lives, I can't even imagine our lives without her! She loves to snuggle, give kisses and follow you everywhere.  Last year we rescued another Cavalier so she got knocked off her "throne" but she is happy to share everything with her new brother and couldn't love him more.


Marla Hooch:

Named after a character from A League of Their Own (what a hitter), Marla Hooch quickly became a very important part of our family.  She loves spending Sunday Funday in the man-cave with her best friend Mia and the rest of the fantasy football crew.  After playing non-stop for hours on end, Marla and Mia always end up cuddling.  What makes Marla so special?  Her curiosity keeps our lives interesting with constant surprises! She started as a surprise gift from my husband and the surprises keep coming! Just like Meet The Parents movie star Jinxy, Marla is two thumbs away from opening and doors and possibly cooking us dinner.  We learned quite quickly that if a pizza box is on the counter, she is able to open it, take the pizza out, and somehow put the top back down (manners?)  Our most recent surprise...she tried to impress another dog over the holiday and let out a howl White Fang would envy.  The best part is, she is just under a year.  We look forward to each and every surprise she has in store for us.




I would have to say that the most special thing about Buddy is the way he came into our lives. We lost our golden, Bailey, the wonder dog about a year and a half ago and have been heartbroken. He had a tumor and died in my husband's arms. Everyone encouraged us to get another dog but we just couldn't.

After Christmas, I was out of town with one of my daughters visiting my father who is suffering from Leukemia. My husband was working in the Bronx and found two dogs who were in danger running through the streets. One was a golden and the other a pit bull mix. The golden bonded with my husband immediately and a police officer came along who the other dog seemed to like so they each took the dogs home. Long story short, we have now adopted "Buddy" the golden who we are convinced "found" us with some help from Bailey up in doggie heaven. My father's spirits have been raised and he can't wait to be healthy enough when he gets through this next stage of chemo to get outside and play with Buddy! We couldn't be happier or feel more blessed. It is like the bumper sticker I saw in Petco says "Who saved who?"



Turkish is the Dorothy Parker of pugs! But, underneath it all, she is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet! She loves sleeping and snoring on mounds of pillows, eating anything and everything (except pretzels and bananas), and taking car trips to Connecticut. Turkish hates getting her nails cut and definitely hates taking baths. She's charming and cantakerous all in one packate!



Everybody loves Luca. Purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, born in Waterford Ireland, came into our home at the age of 3 and 1/2 months. At 1 year 8 months, weighs 29.4lbs., a big boy for his breed. Very popular at the Pleasantville Farmer's  market, he greeted and high fived everybody.  Running for an office Luca? Calls out 'Mama' Loves food. Understand Italian. Thinks he's a boy. Watches sport channel attentively. Brings much joy and laughter everyday. The cutest. Most intelligent. Please vote for Luca.



Scruffy is always by my side and watches my every move. He loves to cuddle with me. When I leave home without him he sits and sulks until I return. When we leave together, he jumps for joy in complete circles until I open the front door. He loves to ride in the car and I have a backpack I wear that he sits in patiently while I walk around stores. He loves to go shopping!
I also have 3 talking parrots, scruffy is fond of them because they bark together! Never a dull moment at my house!



In April of 2010, my family and I lost a beloved dog due to cancer. He was my heart and soul. I was having a really hard time coping with his death and one day when I was coming home from work, there was a little black puppy being walked by my brother! He had named him Tucker because he kept tucking his face into us.

Of course I hated the dog at first because he wasn't my beloved best friend. However, who can hate a puppy for long? That night with all his pathetic whimpering in the crate, I took him out, curled up with him in bed and that was the beginning.

Tucker has brought our family closer. My father who didn't like dogs fell head over heels for him. Tucker is a total clown and will warm your heart in seconds. He's a huge cuddler and is obsessed with toys to the point where he will throw them at you! Despite training, he still gets in trouble because he puts everything in his mouth! He really is a special dog (don't we all say that?) and I can't be more thankful that he has brought so much joy to our lives.


Mr. French:

Mr. French is one-of-a-kind!!!!French is a cream colored french bulldog. He is so friendly with people and furry friends.
French loves to play and cuddle. He loves posing for pictures. I dress him up all the time. Mr. French is my best friend.  His favorite snack is an ice cream cone!! His birthday is Jan. 11th. He will be 1!!



pet description: Pita has always made people smile where ever he goes, which is a lot of places! Since he became paralyzed at the age of 11 months, he has never been left alone and comes everywhere with myself and my husband Matt. He is very well behaved which definitely makes his lifestyle easier. He comes to work with me everyday and on every vacation, including our honeymoon to Vieques!
Pita is a constant inspiration to us and to the people he meets during his day to day life. Thanks to his wheelchair he has an excellent quality of life, enjoys playing with other dogs, going for walks and can run faster than us! He was certified as a therapy dog in 2005 as well as becoming a Canine Good Citizen.
Strangers are always curious to know what happened to him and sometimes it becomes difficult going anywhere without being stopped for questioning.
In the end, I hope people realize that there are alternatives to putting a pet down due to a disability and we shouldn't give up on an animal so easily. Had we listened to the vets that took care of Pita when he was injured he would have been missing out on a life full of love, long walks, jet setting and plenty of spoiling!


Cinnamon Bun:

Cinnamon Bun, AKA "Bunny", was rescued from the Briarcliff Manor SPCA last year.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family! When she is not lounging around the house, she is chasing her toy mice and doing ninja kicks off the wall!  She loves to run around and play until she gets tired, then she lays down with us to take a nap.  She greets us every day when we come home, and she always needs to be near us!



Maggie's personality is summed up in one word "adorable".  Her unique under bite immediately makes you fall in love with her.  She is already a star on the Home Goods Customer Finds web site as she lounges in her newly purchased dog fainting couch. In her spare time Maggie works with autistic children as a pet therapy dog. 



When we found out our family was growing we worried about how Champ would react to becoming a big brother. For 5 years he had his mommy and daddy's full attention so we didn't know what it would be like once a new member joined our family. Champ baby brother, Tyler, was born on February 1, 2011.  From the day Tyler came home from the hospital, Champ has been right by his side.  He sleeps next to Tyler's crib when he naps and they play together all day long.  Tyler learned how to sit up by pulling up on Champ and using him for balance.  Now that Tyler is learning to walk Champ stands right next to him as he stands up and tries to take those first steps.  It's so cute to watch them together.  They truly are best friends!



Just like any good man of the house Mookie makes sure his human friends are well taken care of. He takes pride in fending off diabolical stink bugs that dare to enter the home. He loves to wrestle and be rolled into a Mookie Burrito or a Mookie Taco. His charming demeanor makes him a suitable companion for any young household equipped with children. Just beware of rustling plastic bags as they scare the daylights out of the little pug :-) Charmed yet? I'm sure you are.



Sonny is an 8 month old pure bred yorkie , and lives in Briarcliff Manor. He now weighs in at 4 lbs 10 oz.,up from 1 lb. 10 oz. when he first joined our family at 12 weeks of age.He is house trained and has his own yorkie language when he wants to go out, be feed or simply play.Sonny loves people, particularly children and enjoys making dog or human friends.



My crazy pup went through the invisible fence and ran into a car. He almost did not make it.  He was in shock and broke his leg in two spots.  How ever he was mended, South Salem Animal Hospital did a great job! I visited him before his surgery and asked him why he did this to himself, he placed his head on my lap and moaned in that Siberian husky voice. He seemed to know he did something stupid.  He recovered, and is doing great! He leaps like a gazzel. He  seems to have learned his lesson.  He has not crossed the fence again.  we are all happy that he is here, healthy and a part of our lives. His scar still shows, but in time that two will fade and we will be left with only the memory of a very happy pup!



Just as her name implies, Sugar is the sweetest dog with the sweetest disposition! Don't let her small size fool you though.  At just 5.5 lbs, her personality is huge! Sugar has no fear and loves all people, kids and other animals. Her favorite spot to be is next to anyone who is generous with a belly rub! Vote for Sugar!



Princess is so special because when we got her from the Briarcliff ASPCA in 2001 she was so shy and anxious, and now she is the friendliest cat!  Princess says "hi" to everyone she meets by rubbing her head on their hand.  Even people who don't normally like cats love Princess!  She is a very playful cat and you would never know she was 12.  She runs around all the time and plays with her collection of toys, which includes her favorite - a blue hippo.  Princess received her name because she sits with her paws crossed like a little lady.


Minnie Duarte:

A listener, a cuddler, a companion, and most of all, a friend. That is what Minnie is. She is such a tiny little creature yet she gives us so much love and affection! Ever since we adopted her from the shelter, she has done nothing but put a smile on our faces every single day! Coming home from a long day at work, she waits patiently by the window and runs to the door to greet us with her furry little tail in the air. She keeps us entertained by her silly little ways, especially when she chases flies in the summer! She's very smart too! She knows exactly how to ask for food by looking at us, then walking to the pantry where her food is and begins to meow. She also comes running to us when she thinks we are hurt. At night, if she's not sleeping all wrapped up like a taco in her many warm and fuzzy blankets, she sleeps at the foot of the bed and keeps our feet warm. She is by far the sweetest and most beautiful cat (inside and out) in the world! She even has her own Facebook page!



Penny could not be a livelier kitten. She loves chasing our dog's tail, hunting bugs, digging in houseplants and running after cat toys. She is a Hemingway cat, which means that she has extra toes on her front feet.




With his sparkling, soulful eyes, bright smiling face, wiggly, waggily rump and freckled nose – Cooper is a real charmer. He’s whip smart and obedient, without sacrificing any of his exuberant personality.

This rescue Mutt rescued a Mutt of his own, helping his highly anxious, fearful and shy ‘brother-from-another-mother’ by coaxing him out of his shell, showing him that people are okay, and teaching him how to be a dog.

Equal parts Pooh and Tigger, Super Duper Cooper is as sweet as honey and always ready for fun, fun, fun! Unbelievably soft and cuddly, he is the champion snuggler, who also loves to wrestle, play ball, get dirty, and sing his ‘whoo, whoo, whoo song.’



What makes Billy Special besides being an all white Boxer, is that he is famous in Port Chester. People ask for him as if he was a Movie Star? So how is Billy? When can i see him? Ect. Sometimes people even say "Hey i saw Billy yesterday walking" When i ask with who, they've said "By himself on Westchester Ave." So escape artist, movie star, mascot for my brand MARIO PABLO "he models my 914 tee", family, and best friend. That's what makes Billy special.



Glen has been my best friend for the past 14 years of my life (I am 23). He is adorable, loving, loyal,sweet, and follows me everywhere I go in my house. Glen is dainty when he eats, and is particular about his foods (he loves Cesear Bistro!). He is also quite quirky--finding small, enclosed, and sometimes odd places to sleep. During the summer, he loves to lay out in the sun (even though he has a fur coat on!). I recently gave him one of my blankets to sleep on and he loves to scratch it and bunch it up to make it more comfortable. Glen is very protective, and it sometimes aloof around strangers. He is particularly friendly to females. Glen was a clearance dog, who was going to be bred but turned out to be smaller than the average size Sheltie. Just look at the pictures to see how gorgeous he is. Despite his age, he is still as spunky as can be. He has been so adaptable over this past year between moving, the death of his cousin, and the snow storm (we lost power and had to live in a family friend's basement!). As long as he is near me he is happy. When he is alone, he howls. I have been fortunate to grow up with Glen and I don't know what I will do without him!



Webster has been the most exceptional feline companion one could imagine. His calm, affectionate demeanor, intelligence and love of humans, those familiar as well as complete strangers, endeared him to all who met him. He perfected the art of being a lap cat by day and spooner by night. His purrs soothed my once young children whenever they needed an unconditional friend...he was an emotional salve for my husband and me as well. His striking looks certainly set him apart. His magnificent silver color and prominent markings were awe-inspiring to many and his brilliant, knowing green eyes felt as if they could read our emotions and convey whatever it was we needed from him. He passed away this past year but we will always love him for being the most special and giving feline family member that we've known.



Nikki is a sweet, gentle, good natured dog who simply wants to love and be loved. She suffers from heart disease; was in congestive heart failure on April 13, 2011, and currently takes 5 different medications twice daily. Despite her condition and age of 14 years, Nikki acts and thinks like a puppy, although at times this can be too much for her poor sick heart and bring on fainting episodes. I truly believe her incredible spirit and will to live and love is a tremendous example of the goodness and beauty in nature and the world. She is a joy and a bright light, even when her days or my days seem dark.


Luna Belle:

The way she plays rodeo with her rope toys in the yard when she thinks no one is watching.
How even with all the fencing we've installed she still finds a way to get under the deck.
Her ability to make everyone smile even after a bad day with her crazy antics  the way she cuddles in with you in the mornings  throws her head back on your pillow.


Lily: (Leda Blumberg)

Lily is pure love -- always ready to give and receive it. She brings us happiness every day with her warm, loving personality and her whimsical antics. As a kitten, she was abandoned on the side of a road. When we adopted her, we quickly realized that no amount of money could buy such a perfect, loving pet.




Comet was the sweetest dog who ever lived!  She was a giver! Not a taker.  She never "begged" for anything...not food, or love, or attention.  But when you gave it to her, she took it all in with a passion!  And then returned it to you times two!!! (not the food...just the love and attention, the joy of playing and the joy of being alive!)  Our sweet Comet died this year at the age of 15...That itself is extraordinary, because a boxer's life expectancy is 8-10. But Comet was extraordinary in more than her longevity! We often said she had 9 lives. As a puppy, she almost died from an allergic reaction to a bee sting, she had cancer, then a brain tumor, later in life, she had a stroke...but Comet also had an overpowering "will to love"...She bounced back after every illness because she somehow knew her family wasn't ready to let her go. Some dogs can sniff out bombs, or cancer... Comet sensed emotions. She knew when to lie at your side, when to leave you alone. She wasn't clingy. And she wasn't aloof...She was just in tune with the emotions of her whole family. Whoever was sick, or down...that's who she sat beside...children, the elderly, men, women, black or white...Comet loved everyone. And everyone loved Comet...even a friend who said so simply..."I don't love dogs, but I do love Comet!"



Pork Shortie:

This dog simply makes people happy.  I have a gift store and people are constantly coming in to visit "Shortie".  There is one little 3 year old girl in particular that has bite her lip so she doesn't cry every time her mom makes her leave after her weekly visit.  "Shortie" also gets visits from other dogs for little play dates. But nothing is better than watching some of our burlier male customers simply melt when the talk to little "Shortie".  She is simply the best thing that has happened to me as well as to the store.  She also give the best hugs EVER!




Tibetan Terriers are known for their quirky, human-like personalities and Oscar is no exception. People often comment how he seems like "a little person." Very smart (sometimes to smart) and aware of all that is happening.

He loves people, especially kids. Little girls want to braid his hair... no problem! Oscar is happy to sit and oblige while they braid away.

He happily wags his tails as strangers come to meet him wherever he goes.

Oh, and he LOVES the camera!




Harley had a very special role this Christmas. My fiance dressed her up in a Santa suit and put an engagement ring in a little gray pouch around her collar. He surprised me by having Harley present me with the ring. He then proceeded to propose to me, and I happily accepted. Aside from her special role this Christmas, she can sit, lay down, give high-fives, roll-over, and stand on her hind legs on command. Harley is a very special little dog.




We adopted Chico right before New Years last year from Pets Alive Westchester. We are so thankful that we did because we can't picture him not in our lives.
We have a boat so once Summer rolled around, we were worried that he wouldn't be able to adjust but he did. Turns out Chico LOVES boating! We spend all weekend on the boat and bough a kayak just so that we can take him back  forth to shore for a walk.
It has now been exactly one year that we've had Chico and he has blended seemlessly into our family as if we had him since he was a puppy.


Beijing Ehrlich:

There are certainly not enough ways to explain just how special Beijing is to me. She's my baby. She's my heart and soul. Her favorite part of the day is bed time. She absolutely loves being put in her pajamas and looks forward to her night time snack which are 2 yummy chummies which she goes absolutely nuts for and heaven forbid if I don't give them to her fast enough she barks at me. She loves going for walks and simply loves the new doggie fashions as she has several sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, pj's, jackets etc. Shes a real fadhionista!!!!!!


Jack: (Matthew Yasgur)

He's loved by all, will wear his Chuck Taylor sneakers and not complain, doesn't mind reading glasses, or his Doggles when in the convertible but most of all because just jack the cutest lovable dog ever. But you know I'm a little jaded by him ;-)



Jack was a rescue dog. Jack was saved by the New York State Police from the side of the Palisades Parkway. Jack immediately jumped into the police car and began pressing the lights and sirens. That night, the troopers, concerned for Jack's safety and that Jack might not make it in the local shelter, took Jack to a fellow trooper's home for the night, until Jack could have a safe home. Jack was adopted by two loving pet parents and he immediately became part of the family. Despite having to be treated for Lyme’s Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever from ticks he had on him, he was a happy and healthy beagle just happy to have a new home. Jack is special because he brings so much joy to our lives every day. Everyday Jack is happy to see you and does a little something to make your day brighter. Jack is a happy-go-lucky dog, with the most bubbly personality and loves everybody, especially kids. Jack’s special because he has changed our lives and made everyday a special and exciting, sometimes challenging, day. Jack is truly a one of a kind dog!



We brought Lionel home 8 weeks ago after rescuing him from a local shelter. In a short period of time he has proven to have all of perfect puppy attributes; lovable, energetic, hilarious, mischievious, egotistical, and smart. For a little man, he packs a big punch of personality. We get to know one another better every day. He came to Bloomingdales the other day and the sales associates asked if he could be the Bloomies mascot (he matches). They love him at Neiman Marcus, but not as much as my friends at Home Depot. But to date, his favorite store is Target. He's quite popular at most Westchester retail outlets, they know him by name around town. He currently spends his days in the executive offices of the Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, where he has his second home. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful addition to our family. We are excited to see what the future has in store as he grows up. We hope that everyone in Westchester knows that adopting a dog saves a precious life and you can find exactly what you want, and more, in a shelter; a loving companion to brighten your days. 


Oscar Fingal O'Flaherty Leghorn:

Oscar is a ray of sunshine for us! Not only is he a very affectionate and friendly fellow, but he healed a broken heart. We lost our 17-year-old cat Olivia last year, and to our surprise the loss was most keenly felt by our daughter's cat, Fjork: Even though she and Olivia had never gotten along, Fjork was despondent, walking around the house crying day after day! So when my husband's co-worker mentioned her cat had had kittens we took a chance and adopted the runt, Oscar. To our delight Fjork took to him immediately, and the two are now great companions.


Thurston Howell:

Our little Thurston Howell is so much more then we ever expected.  He looks at you with his big eyes almost as though he knows that you are thinking.  He weighs 95 lbs, but thinks he is still just 16 lbs when he came home with us and snuggles up in our laps.  He is bursting with personality,  character and has many of the quirky traits as his owners!

He truly is an anomoly ... a Berner who fetches, keeps up with the Labs at the beach and never seems to get exhausted.  He always extends his "High Five" to new friends!


Lily: (Dana Bilt)

Lily is the most adorable, loving puppy imaginable!  She is about 4 pounds now, fully grown!  She loves to play with mini tennis balls, eat leaves that she collects from the back deck, collect mail (and tear it up), run around outside, and lay in her car bed.  She hates the printer and tape measurers.  She will not eat her food until she goes outside and finds a leaf to bring in and add to her collection next to her food bowl.  She is a stubborn little pup who does whatever she wants to do.  When the breeder sold her to us, she was called "the troublemaker."


El Dorado:

El Dorado is the fastest horse I've ever ridden, or seen ridden, possibly the fastest, period.  We used to pass cars regularly on the "stretch" along I-95 on the trails at the Bronx Equestrian Center when I boarded him there.  I can prove this; I have credible witnesses who have SEEN El Dorado and I do this - Jimmy Martyn, for instance, who has run the Bronx Equestrian Center for the City/County for years and is probably the biggest horse dealer in the tri-state area.  One day, as El Dorado and I happily returned from trail, Jimmy was lying in wait for us, and when he saw us, started screaming at the top of his lungs:  "I SAW you on I-95!  Slow DOWN!  You're going to DIE!  I've never SEEN a horse go that fast!  My TRUCK couldn't keep up with you!"  The fasted clocked racehorse speed is 42 mph -and drivers on I-95 are tootling along at least 55-60 mph.  Aren't they?

El Dorado understands English perfectly - he nods yes quite emphatically and shakes his head no equally emphatically to questions he deigns to answer.  He's developed a very effective over-the-shoulder withering look when I ask him something he considers not worthy of an answer.  The day I realized he truly UNDERSTOOD English perfectly, he was loose in the indoor arena while his stall was being cleaned.  I reached for his halter to look at his eye, which I'd been treating for pinkeye, carried to our barn via the flies from the cow herd on the farm down the road - all those cows had pinkeye.  El Dorado was thoroughly fed up with getting ointment in his eyes twice a day (a very difficult procedure, by the way, for the human balanced on an upside down water bucket beside the horse, trying not to BLIND the dancing, head-jerking horse with that little tube of opthamalic ointment - all horses hate having their eyes messed with).  El Dorado pulled away from my hand  fast and shot me that withering look.  I said "For crying out loud, I just want to LOOK at your eye, ok?  There's no ointment in my hand - see?  Just SHOW me your eye then."  Whereupon he looked at me out of the eye in question, and I asked him to just roll his eyeball forward so I could see it.  He DID. Totally and completely shocked, I then asked him to roll the eye BACKWARD - which he did.  Not believing what I'd just seen, I thought I'd be smart and test him, and said "OK then, turn to the other side and show me the OTHER eye, which he promptly did, and again rolled his eyeball forward and then backward when I asked. Ever since then, we converse quite fluently.

El Dorado has also saved other people and their horses from disaster on trail, figuring out problems all by himself and then fixing them (this is lengthy and rather difficult to describe in writing, but if you're interested and I"m in the running, let me know and I'll do so).

El Dorado also figured out a way around "gentle face kiss," which I had to teach him after stupidly first teaching him just the simple "Face kiss" for treats - then almost got my nose broken several times by an enthusiastic, treat-loving El Dorado.  Finally, HE solved came up with a whole new take on "gentle kiss."  He takes the bill of my baseball cap in his lips, lifts it up off my face onto my head, rubs his lips very, very gently on my nose, then grabs the bill of the cap again and gently puts it back in place.  And waits for the carrot.

El Dorado is a perfect angel on the ground.  He LOVES all people and especially children, other animals, and treats of any kind.  He's a huge ham and particularly loves any camera - he poses like Secretariat did.

However, under saddle, no one but me and his first owner has ever been able to stay on him, although vaquero after vaquero has tried.  El Dorado always returns riderless within 15 minutes.  The problem, see, is that he turns SQUARE CORNERS at 60 mph.  He goes right, vaquero goes straight, El Dorado's back at the barn in 5 minutes - every time.  What can I say?  It's hilarious cheap entertainment.

El Dorado has been my best and most loyal friend friend for the last 14 years, and needless to say, he fully satisfies my need for speed.



Belle melts any dog-person's heart. She's affectionate and loves attention, plus who can say no to that face? Her favorite time of day is bedtime! She enjoys cuddling under the blankets.



Playful, cuddles, happy, behaves :)
Enjoys snuggling!



Fun, loving, compassionate, and cute!



Zoey is the best dog around, and I'm sure you'll agree!  My girlfriend and I rescued Zoey in 2006, just before she was to be put in a shelter.  From day one, we knew Zoey had an amazing personality.  She was a loving and obedient pup.  She had lots of energy, but always wanted to cuddle.  As she got a bit older, she always surprised us as to how smart she was.  She learned lots of key phrases from "high five" to "lay down" to "turn over", etc.  Super smart, but then again, most Labradors are!  This past March, at just 5 years old, we found out that Zoey had lymphoma (a form of cancer).  Devastated and shocked by the news, my girlfriend and I agreed that we would do anything to make Zoey better.  We decided on chemotherapy with an excellent doctor in Yonkers.  The first few weeks were tough, but Zoey was so strong and managed to get through her treatments.  We would forget she was sick because she was always so playful and loving.  This amazing and courageous dog beat her illness.  It has been 4 months that Zoey has been in remission, and we can't be happier.  She's running around like nothing ever happened!  We can't wait to celebrate her 6th birthday on February 8th 2012.  She's the cutest and smartest dog around - that's for sure, and we are so lucky to still have her!


Luna Carvel:




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