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Top kid-friendly movie musicals; the worst Christmas songs ever; a Lego menorah; the weirdest uses for duct tape; if you can really die of shock—and more


Top 5: Andrea McArdle

Actress/singer Andrea McArdle on kid-friendly movie musicals.
By: Laurie Yarnell                                                                                          

Our Gifts to You

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore
By: Lynn Hudson                                                                                            

My Home Is Worth What?                                                             

A Sticky Subject

The wonderful, wild uses of duct tape
By: Nancy L. Claus                                                                                        

Ask the Expert

Can you actually be shocked to death?
By: Robert Schork                                                                                         

The 411 on 914

Our malls–by the numbers.
By: Diandra Garcia and Nicole Inserra                                                            

Worst Xmas Songs

WFUV’s Rita Houston chooses songs that carolers should avoid.
By: Rita Houston                                                                                           


Rivertown residents gather to break an interesting world record.
By: Marisa LaScala                                                                                         

Home Shopping

This month’s best real estate deal
By: Nancy L. Claus                                                                                        


Guitar Hero

One local guitar-maker’s instruments have inspired a cult following.
By: Marisa  LaScala                                                                                      

This Month's Winners and Losers




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