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Just My Type
Old-fashioned black typewriter keys find new life as bracelets (($110 to $150), cuff links ($45), earrings, pendants ($19), and more; at Jems of Katonah
25 Parkway
(914) 232-2900
Glass Works
Mosaic artist Cathleen Newsham puts a contemporary twist on an ancient art form, transforming broken bits of pottery and tiles into vases, lamps, backsplashes, and more. Some custom work, prices vary, $25 and up
(866) 497-6303
In Stitches
Quilting is one of the original art forms to make use of cast-off clothing and linens, but today’s quilters take it to the next level. Textile artist Susan Shrott will take your old baby clothes, bonnets, bibs and other memorabilia to create a custom quilt or wall hanging; prices range from $500 to $2,500.
Susan Schrott
(914) 217-5835




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