52 Reasons to Love Westchester

How do we love the County? Let us count the ways.

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24 to 34: Because Our College Students Love It Here

With the turn of a tassle and the toss of a cap, Westchester’s high school seniors were off to begin the next chapter in their lives. While some chose to leave New York or even the East Coast, many opt to stay in the county. Here are some of the reasons that our local college students love Westchester.

24: “I love going to school around Westchester because there are enough restaurants here to keep me fat and happy.”
—Alex Loscher, Fordham University

25: “Going to school in Westchester is amazing because I’m always guaranteed to run into someone I know, although sometimes that can be a bad thing.”
—Julie Lloyd, Iona College

26: “Living at home while I’m in college is amazing because I never have to eat nasty cafeteria food for dinner. I can still count on my mom to feed me home-cooked meals.”
—Louis Bousche, Iona College

27: “When everybody else has to move in and out for every holiday and semester, I get to just stay in one place and wait for everyone to visit me instead.”
—Cesar Quintanilla, Westchester Community College

28: “Since I’ve lived here forever, I know all the back roads and can get to school in under five minutes—guaranteed.”
—Stephanie Florich, Iona College

29: “I can always count on having to avoid people I know from high school in all my classes.”
—Kiara McHugh, Westchester Community College

30: “Going to school in Westchester is the best and most economical. I save a ton of money on room and board by mooching off my parents.”
—David Mereles, Mercy College

31: “I love going to school in Westchester because I have a ten-minute ride to school which allows me extra time for sleep. You gotta love it!”
—Nicole Miller, Mercy College

32: “Being at home for school is way better than having to put up with a psychotic roommate, in a room that’s five-feet-by-five-feet. I’d never trade getting to sleep in my own bed in my own room.”
—Alex Viera, Mercy College

33: “Going to school in Westchester is more than convenient and cheap since Mom is always right around the corner to ask for money.”
—Lauren Harris, Purchase College

34: “Four years of high school isn’t enough! Nothing beats getting the chance to go to college with all your old friends.”
—Frank Corvino, Pace University

35: Because Aaron Copland’s House Still Inspires As Much As His Music Does

Fine, maybe it’s not composer Aaron Copland’s physical house that’s doing the heavy lifting—though his prairie-style home still exists in Cortlandt Manor much as he left it, with his work desk and his piano sitting side-by-side in his studio. Instead, it’s the acclaimed ensemble group, Music from Copland House, that has done much to keep the composer’s legacy alive and, this year, they have much to crow about.

Music from Copland House teamed up with the county to transform the historic Merestead Estate in Mount Kisco into an artistic hub for composers creating new American music. Musicians will live in the 26-room Georgian mansion, then every day they’ll head off to the property’s outbuildings, which all have been converted into studios, to work on their scores. At night, they might head over to the old cow barn to debut their new work to the public. (PBS’s Fred Child and multi-Grammy winner Mark O’Connor already have visited for special events, and New Yorker music critic Alex Ross is scheduled to stop by this month.) So yes, a house can inspire American music—even if it just provides a quiet and pretty place to work, with an award-winning ensemble behind it pushing for something great.

Copland House at Merestead
455 Byram Lake Rd, Mount Kisco (914) 788-4659

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