52 Reasons to Love Westchester

How do we love the County? Let us count the ways.


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49: Because There's Not a Single Olive Garden in the Entire County

50: Because Local Politics Makes Life Interesting

Who needs to follow the machinations of elected officials in Washington on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News when we’ve got a steady stable of colorful local politicos right here in our own backyard? Indeed, our cast of characters could give Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden a run for their money. We’ve got the innovative and inimitable Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner; the disgraced former North Salem Town Supervisor Paul Greenwood; County Executive Andy Spano and his political nemesis, his son Dave (see No. 15); County Board of Legislators Chair Bill Ryan (whose re-election as we went to press too close to call) and his cloud of controversies (e.g., a failed attempt to garner a 60-percent pay hike, a criminal investigation of his chief adviser, and an alleged act of retaliation against the Board’s vice chair—who opposed Ryan’s pay hike—by having his office cut in half); the perennial rematches and recounts between State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins and her predecessor, former State Senator Nick Spano (no relation to Andy!); our former DA-turned-TV-judge Jeanine Pirro and her walk-in-closet full of scandals and skeletons (e.g., husband Al’s extramarital affairs, conviction for tax fraud, adult love child, and alleged mob ties, and her alleged wire-tapping plot against him); and, last but not least, our down-to-earth next-door (in Chappaqua) neighbors, Bill & Hill .

51: Because, Despite the Economy, Westchester Is Still Open for Business

Businesses in Westchester are not just open—they’re opening. Yes, despite all the conventional wisdom, the pessimistic news reports, and the chilly economic climate, people here are still willing to take a risk and go after that American Dream. Lots of them, too. (As of press time, 2,499 businesses—including e-businesses—have opened in Westchester since January 1, 2009.) In movie cliché terms, are their plans so crazy that they just might work? Stop into some of the spots that have opened in the county since the economy went south.




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