Color Me Unimpressed

I write to express what many of our professional hair designers have said about your recent article, “Home vs. Pro Hair Color,” featuring Associate Creative Director Halina Sabath.
Your magazine targets people in Westchester County that want the best; doing their own hair is definitely not on their list. The article really missed its mark. I suppose there are those who saw merit in it, but for some of us who have devoted our life to the field of cosmetology, we were not impressed. I am the owner of one of the premier salons in White Plains, a master colorist and a board member of the Westchester Cosmetology Association.

The notion that we can be replaced is simply ridiculous. Your article ran with its own opinion, showing the advantage of an enormous price and time difference. Halina reported that her own home service was much better. I, too, preferred her own work, but it was also evident that the pictures were enhanced using Photoshop. Your magazine seems to voice an opinion that one can reproduce a specialty service at home, with the same great quality of a professional.

Perhaps in your next issue, ask people to pull their own teeth, fix their own roofs, and do their own plumbing. Or perhaps, by downloading some good divorce forms from the Internet, we will keep the lawyers at home, too. For that matter, who needs good doctors? We can search the Internet for herbs that can cure all sorts of ailments, and we don’t even need medical insurance anymore. Let’s not buy any more newspapers or magazines, either, and get all our information from the web!

In reference to our trade, please do not fool yourself into thinking that a box of dye at your local CVS can substitute for the artistry of a hair designer! As a matter of fact, we urge you to keep on doing it. We can’t wait to see you back in our salons, as you will surely visit with us for color correction. Now there’s a fine way to spring up the bounce for our economy!
Nick Maffei, Salon Maffei
White Plains

Berkshires or Bust

I especially liked your article entitled “Leafing Town,” in the October issue. I have been up to the Berkshires and even up to Vermont to view the foliage. But apparently, I missed quite a lot! You covered everything anyone would want to see or do on such a scenic trip, from walking and sightseeing to even where to stay and dining information. I can’t wait to go back and experience everything you recommended next fall. Keep up the good work—and please do more of these travel tips.
M.J. Whitmore

Kitchen Aid

Since I’m getting ready to remodel my kitchen, your article on “Cool Kitchens” (October 2008) was very timely and I did get some great ideas. I was very impressed by the chandelier on page 98. It was very unusual and unique. Also, the $30,000 pewter countertop—I can only dream! But thanks for your many ideas.
Joan Madigan

The Gift of Life

Ihad never read a formal story about regulated surrogate parenting (“Having My Baby,” November 2008). The article was very inspiring; to know that people are willing to literally give themselves to help build a family is great.This was an extraordinary story.
Kristin Lawrence
Mount Vernon

Miracles of Science

I found your “Amazing Medical Breakthroughs” piece in the November issue very riveting, and am glad that this was a feature article. Though I do not know much about medicine, I have had my fair share of health problems in the past. To know that doctors and surgeons are willing to think outside the box in an attempt to save the lives of their patients is a fact that I find extremely comforting. I hope to see more articles like this in the future. Keep up the great work.
Megan Ford

Oops: In our Top Doctors 2008 listings in our November issue, Drs. Paul Woolf, Bernard Fish, and Michael Gewitz were incorrectly placed under the Pediatric specialty. Their specialty is Pediatric Cardiology.

In the “What’s in Season” article on beets in our Amuse Bouche section, Antipasti chef Rick Laakkonen was described as “Scandinavian-born.” He was, in fact, born in New York but is of Scandinavian heritage.

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