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What to add to your Netflix queue this month


The Dark Knight

DVD Release Date: December 9, Warner Home Video
Really, there’s almost no point in looking at any other DVDs. Nothing else will be as awesome as The Dark Knight. The second film in director Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga strikes the rare balance between high-adrenaline popcorn entertainment and virtuosic filmmaking and storytelling. The two-disc DVD goes behind the scenes in the creation of Nolan’s Gotham, including a look at how they made part of the film using IMAX cameras, while the Blu-Ray release also includes “Batman Unmasked,” which delves into the psychology of Batman and Bruce Wayne. If you’re like us, however, you’ll ignore all that to watch the Batpod chase over and over again.

Hamlet 2

DVD Release Date: December 23, Universal Home Entertainment
Sure, the first one was okay, but wait until you see the sequel. In Hamlet 2, a cluelessly earnest high-school drama teacher tries to save the school’s theater program by mounting an original, musical, and quite possibly offensive sequel to Hamlet (we won’t say how that’s possible, but it does involve a time machine and a prominent Biblical figure). With the DVD, not only can you watch the humorous proceedings, but you also can sing along with the musical’s songs, including the show’s bring-down-the-house number, “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.”


Casablanca Ultimate Collector’s Edition

DVD Release Date: December 2, Warner Home Video
Fine, we’ll concede that Casablanca is probably—marginally—better than The Dark Knight. If you agree with the American Film Institute, which placed the film third on its list of the best films of all time, you’ll certainly want this DVD mega-collection. Besides the film, you’ll find seven hours of bonus features, including deleted scenes, outtakes, tributes, and old Warner Brothers cartoons. There are also copies of memos from Warner Brothers execs, one of which urges the producers to cast Bogart over George Raft.




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