Westchester's Empire Builders: 6 Expanding Restaurant Brands

In our hyper-competitive restaurant industry, these seven chefs and restaurateurs continue to expand (28 total locations and counting!) to build the county's most identifiable brands.

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The Trendsetter: David Starkey

“I’m not vegan, but I believe in eating more vegetables and in eating a lot less meat, for the planet’s sake."

The Rule Breaker: David DiBari

“Empire is almost a bad word to me. It’s too corporate."

The Celebrity Chef: Christian Petroni

“I’m trying to make sure that all my responsibilities are fulfilled, and there are a lot of responsibilities these days.”

The Urban Revivalist: Louie Lanza

"Peekskill is going to be the coolest, most cultural city in Westchester.”

The Dream Team: Mogan Anthony & Joe Bueti

“We didn’t do anything on purpose.”

The Badass: Bonnie Saran

“I’m defiant. The more people say, ‘Don’t do it,’ I’ll do it.”
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